She Shows Us Some Brilliant Tips And Tricks For Table Decorating That You Won’t Believe!

This gal has some great holiday tips and tricks that are so easy, yet extremely beautiful. It’s amazing to me the incredible things that people think of and I’ve gotta say that these are some clever DIY’s! I think her upside down wine glasses filled with ornaments and topped off […]

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Outdoor Decor This Guy Makes Out Of Wooden Crates!

I absolutely fell in love with this precious DIY project and you will too! If you’re wanting something cool to display in your front yard, then this is the perfect project for you! This was my first DIY of the season…this adorable DIY Christmas Crate Train. The actual process to […]

You Won’t Believe The Incredibly Fun Item She Makes With Candy Wrappers!

Kids have been folding candy wrappers like this for years, but this DIY project goes a step further with these candy wrappers and it’s genius! Talk about a great Christmas gifts. I always love giving something that’s unique like this is! I love fun and funky stuff like this, especially […]

You Won’t Believe The Awesome Item She Makes On Her Arm Of All Things. Watch!

If you haven’t seen this technique before, it will probably blow your mind like it did mine when I first saw this and the end result is magnificent! Infinity scarves are certainly very sought-after nowadays, and for a good reason! Comfortable, cozy, fluffy and oversized, these scarves are easy to […]

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Home Decor Item She Makes With A Rubber Door Mat. Watch!

She makes a spectacular looking piece for her home decor and she spent a minimal amount of money to make this fabulous addition to her home. When I see DIY projects like this, I’m always amazed at what people think up to decorate their homes. This is brilliant! I happened […]

She Is Super Frugal And Irons Beeswax On A Piece Of Cotton…You Won’t Even Believe Why!

I had never seen this technique, but it certainly makes sense. There’s been more than a few times when this would have come in handy. I use a lot of Saran Wrap and can not tell you how many times I’ve run out of it and needed to cover up […]

You Won’t Believe The Breathtaking Way She Transforms A Nightstand She Bought For $4!

Don’t you love it when you can take an ugly piece of furniture and change into something that is unrecognizable? And, the fact that she bought this nightstand for only $4 is hard to believe. But what’s even harder to believe is how it looks when she finishes it! This […]

After She Attaches Magnets To Her Makeup You Won’t Believe What She Does Next. Genius!

This is the most ingenious idea I’ve seen in a long time and it certainly makes things a lot easier when you are getting ready in the morning…or any time for that matter! I just wish I’d seen this a long time ago. It would have saved me so much […]

They Take An Old Dresser And You Won’t Believe How They Transform It. Watch!

This is such a cool DIY project and an awesome way to repurpose an old dresser…you’ll see and you will be very surprised. I know I sure was! First of all, I love vintage suitcases, but it never occurred to me that you could actually make dresser drawers look like […]

She Melts Her Kids Crayons And You Won’t Believe What She Makes With Them. Watch!

This is a really cool DIY project that all women should try…it’s fun and quite beneficial as a matter of fact! When I first discovered tutorials on how to make lipstick out of crayons, I was intrigued. Could something I used every day in elementary school really be the answer […]