She Takes Advantage Of The Fabulous Christmas DIY Projects On Her Day Off!

Christmas season is just around the corner! It is a wonderful time to decorate your entire house, inside and out and boost the holiday flair and cheer with decorations that call out the season. Most of these creative ideas have tutorials to follow and would surely help to bring more […]

She Takes Her Scraps And Makes A Really Cool Wall Hanging For The Holidays!

Ok, ladies, get out your scraps and lets bust them up with this great scrap buster tutorial! With the holidays upon us this is a great project that you can make pretty quickly. You and your family can be enjoy this for many Christmas’s to come! With this adorable DIY […]

She Takes Her Mexican Dress And What She Turns It Into Will Surprise You. Watch!

Most of us own a Mexican top and I don’t know about you, but I never wore mine any more, so after seeing what the gal in the attached tutorial did with hers, I just had to do the same! Depending on how many of these dresses you have, this […]

She Takes Two Old Chairs, Paints Them And Turns Them Into A Useful Piece Of Furniture!

I love all of the fabulous DIY projects for repurposing old furniture, especially ones that are this simple to transform! A few weeks ago while I was out looking through yard sales I came across a bunch of old chairs. There were dozens of them, broken, mangled and set out […]

She Takes Wheat And Makes A Beautiful Item For Her Thanksgiving Holidays. Watch!

This is so simple and elegant. This is a perfect piece of decor that will be lovely while celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays with family and friends. You don’t have to use wheat in this wreath. You can use whatever you think is pretty from your yard or even the roadside […]

She Takes A Bike Rim And Makes The Most Unique Item For Her Home!

This is such a brilliant DIY project that will certainly add something interesting to your decor. It is quite the conversation piece too! Wall clocks are a great addition to any decorating style and any size room. They add a classic element, but can be quirky and full of personality […]

He Takes Pallet Wood And Makes The Coolest Thanksgiving Decor Item You’ll Have To Have!

What would Thanksgiving be without the fabulous decor DIY projects? This is definitely one you’ll want to have sitting outside your front door to welcome your guests this year! A house that is decorated for fall should be cozy and welcoming to everyone who lives there and visits for the […]

She Takes An Old Belt And What She Does With It Is So Brilliant!

This clever idea never occurred to me to do and it’s a great way to repurpose an old belt that you no longer wear. I had a few that didn’t fit me any more and they were still nice looking, so I was good to go for this DIY project. […]

Watch How She Takes A Pair Of Old Jeans And Transforms Them Into A Fun And Useful Item!

I just love DIY projects where you can repurpose something you’ve enjoyed wearing and, when it doesn’t work for you any more, you can transform it into something that can be useful once again. Then you have the opportunity to add many more miles to this fabulous new item! Spring […]

She Takes Plastic Candy Bags And What She Does With Them Is Super Cool!

I’ve seen these in specialty stores, but I had no idea that you could make these with candy bags! When I found this it looked so easy that I had to try it right away. Guess what, it was super easy! Believe it or not you can turn candy bags, […]