She Makes An Amazing Ornament That Looks Difficult But Will Surprise You How Easy It Is!

You can create this stunning quilted Christmas ornament – with no sewing required!  Instead of sewing, you fold and pin the fabrics to create the intricate design. This ornament looks quilted, but it’s actually not! You can make beautiful ornaments this year for your tree, or for gifts.  When I […]

She Takes Her Mexican Dress And What She Turns It Into Will Surprise You. Watch!

Most of us own a Mexican top and I don’t know about you, but I never wore mine any more, so after seeing what the gal in the attached tutorial did with hers, I just had to do the same! Depending on how many of these dresses you have, this […]

The Clever Thing She Does With A Lace Knee High Took Me By Surprise. Watch!

When I saw what she did with mason jars I couldn’t believe how simple, yet brilliant it was! I’ve done so many mason jar crafts and these are so impressive with very little work required. I would have never thought about putting a knee high on anything other than my […]

She Cuts Flowers And What She Does With Them Will Surprise You. Watch!

This is a great tutorial with a few other clever DIY projects included. I chose this particular one as the feature for this post because it was my personal favorite! You can make awesome and original candles just by using a few materials and supplies and in a matter of […]

You May Think This Is A Regular Shelf – Surprise! It’s Not. Watch What He Does Next!

I’m in love with this DIY project! As a matter of fact, I loved it so much that I had to make room for it, since I had to have one! Decorating your home and making it more comfortable and stylish doesn’t have to cost lots of money. There are […]

After Wrapping A Mason Jar Lid With Jute, What She Attaches Next Will Surprise You!

I was amazed at how easy this project is and what’s even better is that I could get everything I needed to make it at the dollar store! This is a great way to add some great looking decor to your backyard and if you have trees, perfect! After shopping […]

She Cuts Shapes Out Of Fabric And The Easy Thing She Does Next Will Surprise You!

I was so surprised when I saw what she used to o this DIY sewing project and what she used. I’d never heard of this product she uses and I was amazed at what you can do with it! There are a few things you can do when you sew […]

She Wraps Ribbon Around Her Fingers And What She Does Will Surprise You!

This is such a super simple DIY project that it’s ridiculous, but if you don’t know how to do this, then you’ve gotta learn how to do this because it will come in handy over and over again. You’ll be so glad that you watched! Would you believe I’ve seen […]

She Turns An Old Sweater Inside Out, Sews An Oval, And What She Makes Will Surprise You!

I don’t know about you, but I believe that most of us have those old oversized sweaters that we continue to hang on to and haven’t been willing to part with for some reason or another. I know I’m guilty of this! Well, what this gal does with an old […]

The Brilliant Thing She Does To An Old Shoe Box Will Definitely Surprise You (Watch!)

Crafting may be a satisfying hobby, but it is certainly not a tidy one! Many crafting areas are overflowing with excess materials, bits of string and fabric, and half-finished projects. Luckily, if you are a crafter you are already accustomed to thinking creatively. Try applying those smarts and some of […]