You’ll Get A Lot Of Use Out Of These At Christmas And They Are Super Easy To Make!

This is a great idea and there are so many beautiful Christmas fabrics or you can  take leftovers and you can piece them all together. It doesn’t matter how small or how big. If you’re tired of running around looking for boxes and gift bags for your Christmas presents. Or, […]

She Makes A Super Easy And Fabulous Christmas Gift For The Females In Her Family. Watch!

This is such a lovely gift to give to the ladies in your family…or your girlfriends! I would love to receive this as a gift and it’s a gift they will have forever. If you’ve decided on your gifts for family and/or friends you can fluff your fall wardrobe in […]

She Makes These Super Easy And Useful Gifts For Her Friends And Family. Watch!

These are something you can whip up in less than an hour, make a thoughtful (but super easy!) gift, and it only requires the most basic of sewing skills! Make them match, don’t match, pick only one fabric, pick lots of patterns–whatever suits your fancy, go for it! This is […]

She Does Something Chic, Stylish And Super Easy To Her Jeans. Watch!

I love that all of the cool fashions that were popular in the 70’s have rolled back around, like embroidered jeans and tops, jeans with wide trims sewn on the hems, circle skirts, and many other things that were my favorites in that era! Fringe and trims are very popular […]

She Makes 5 Super Cool Gifts For The Cat Lovers In Her Life. Watch!

These are such fun gifts that I had to make a couple of them for myself before making them for my friends who are big cat lovers! We all have that friend or family member who’s obsessed with all things cats (and maybe one of those people is you). With the […]

Watch How She Makes A Super Cool Birthday Decoration That Can Be Seen For Miles!

I had been seeing these in people’s front yards and found out that there are people who actually do this for a business and it can be a little pricey! The good news is you can DIY this cool decoration and save yourself a lot of money. This is a […]

She Makes A Super Cool Costume Accessory Out Of Galvanized Wire And Knee Highs. Watch!

Here is a neat little project to do as a Halloween costume. I couldn’t believe that you could make these with knee highs or tights…it never would have occurred to me! You don’t have to spend much money for a costume and these fairy wings are quite original. I ventured out […]

She Is Super Frugal And Irons Beeswax On A Piece Of Cotton…You Won’t Even Believe Why!

I had never seen this technique, but it certainly makes sense. There’s been more than a few times when this would have come in handy. I use a lot of Saran Wrap and can not tell you how many times I’ve run out of it and needed to cover up […]

Watch How She Makes This Super Cute And Clever Wreath With Candy Corn!

Now that Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner, it seemed only fitting to come up with a wreath that is is both fun for fall and happy for Halloween. Not all of the candy corn will meet up evenly, so the ribbon will cover that up. But, […]

Watch The Super Cool Thing She Does After She Puts Ribbon On Mason Jar Lids!

Put those fallen leaves to good use by decorating your home with them inside and outside. From pumpkins, candles to autumnal signs – everyone will feel the warmth in your home this season. I think this DIY project is brilliant, not to mention adorable!  I’ve seen a lot of these […]