After She Sews Fabric Strips Together She Makes A Fun And Adorable Item. Watch!

If you haven’t ever gotten around to making these, this is the perfect time to get busy doing so. They make the greatest gifts and it will soon be the season for gift giving! In the attached tutorial she shows you how to make your very own frog, a great […]

One Of The Most Incredibly Beautiful Items Made By Simply Rolling Colored Paper Strips!

It’s absolutely amazing what people DIY and although this looks complicated it actually couldn’t be any easier! If you can roll and glue paper strips then you can definitely make this. I made one of these, while I was watching my favorite shows on TV, by gluing long narrow strips […]

She Cuts Strips From Bandanas And You’ll Love The Cool Item She Makes. Watch!

This is such a fun and easy DIY project and you can use any color of bandana that you like to make it your own. The great thing about bandanas is that they’re cheap and you can pick them up at your local craft store. When I made my bandana […]

She Cuts 8″ Strips, Cuts Those Into Squares Making A Strikingly Crisp Looking Quilt!

When I first saw this quilt it reminded me of four leaf clovers or X’s. I absolutely love the contrast of the blue and white. It gives the quilt such a crisp look. Jenny tells us this idea originated from the Drunkards Quilt pattern, in which I recently shared with […]

You’ll Never Guess What She Makes With Two Strips Of Fabric And Some Ribbon…Brilliant!

When I ran across this tutorial I came to a screeching halt because it was a big solution to a problem I frequently experience at the most inopportune times! I’m sure that you all can relate to running out of toilet paper and the inconvenience it poses when you need […]

She Cuts Strips Of Fabric, Arranging In A Design We All Love, Making An Amazing Quilt!

I thought I would share this awesome quilt with you, since the fall is upon us and the weather’s starting to cool down, making it quilt season! Nothing’s better than opening the windows at night and covering up with a quilt or two. Speaking of quilts, this quilt is particularly […]

Watch How She Simply Weaves Fabric Strips On A Wire Basket Changing Up Her Decor!

Sometimes an easy DIY project can drastically change up the looks of things around your home. This project couldn’t be simpler. Don’t believe me? Just check out the tutorial I’ve attached below! This is a really clever way to add some flair to an ordinary wire basket and use up […]

She Cuts Old Towels Into Strips And What She Does With Them is Brilliant. Watch!

  Do you have some old bath towels that have seen their better day? We all have them and since I’m living frugally and trying to reuse and recycle everything I can, I’m always looking for new ideas. We’re at that time in our live where all the good quality […]

She Sews Lots Of Denim Strips On Fabric And You’ll Have To Have This When You See It!

This is such a remarkable DIY and it’s so ridiculously easy to make too. Although you’d never know it to see the finished product. Salvage old jeans and repurpose them to make a shabby-chic shag rug. Pre-worn cotton denim is soft and washable, and it’s a thirsty fabric if you […]

She Sews Colorful 3″ Strips Together And What She Makes Is Too Cute For Words!

Who could possibly resist this? When I ran across this item I knew I had to make one! I love quilts, but I had never seen one quite so unique and cute! Just call me a big animal lover and usually I’m draw to anything with a dog on it. […]