She Cuts 8″ Strips, Cuts Those Into Squares Making A Strikingly Crisp Looking Quilt!

When I first saw this quilt it reminded me of four leaf clovers or X’s. I absolutely love the contrast of the blue and white. It gives the quilt such a crisp look. Jenny tells us this idea originated from the Drunkards Quilt pattern, in which I recently shared with […]

She Sews 3 Layers Of Squares Together And Sews 6 Rows Of 3 For An Amazing Decor Item!

I really love anything that is made this way. We usually see soft fluffy quilts made like this, but today I’m sharing a different item made with this technique and you’ll have to make some of these! They are super easy. Quilts that are made like this are my favorites, […]

She Cuts Up Small Squares And Places Them Like A Mosaic Creating A Unique Quilt!

This is the perfect DIY sewing project to use up some of your favorite scraps! Since I love doing tile mosaics I was drawn to this quilt because I love anything that has a mosaic look. It’s super easy to make too! And we have strip piecing and chain piecing to […]

Woman Sews 9 Squares In A Block, Slices Down The Middle Making Disappearing Blocks!

I’m sure a lot of you have seen or made a quilt like this, but I’d never seen one of these and it certainly piqued my interest! This is a quick and easy block. If you prefer, you can make it easier by using charm squares. I know that a […]

She Cuts Circles, Attaches Them To Squares And Makes A Brilliantly Beautiful Item!

This is probably one of the very best tutorials I have seen for making a quilt using the basic Drunkard’s path block. In fact, this tutorial probably makes any other instruction we can give you obsolete and redundant. The drunkard’s path is a quilt square with a ton of history. […]

She Sews Squares In Diagonal Rows And, Once Again, Makes A Beautiful Item You’ll Love!

This is a very easy way to make a quilt that looks really complicated. It’s such a refreshing and clean looking design. So many fabulous quilt patterns out there. I feel like I have to make them all! Weave your favorite colors together into a stunning yet simple quilt. The […]

She Cuts Squares And Sews Them Into Triangles, Making It Look Like Colorful Crystals!

Chain piecing makes easy work of the sharp points in this classic blue-and-white icy-crystal delight. She sews her triangles in continuous stitching, which is also called chain piecing. The thing I love most about quilts is all the color they add to your home! They also add that special touch […]

She Buys Wooden Squares, Stains Them…You’ll Need These When You See What She Does!

Today’s five minute project is all about spreading the love tall year around! I made these adorable Scrabble tile coasters for our living room, but they would make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life! A few weeks ago, I picked up two sets of unfinished wood […]

What She Does With These Colorful Squares Is Something You’ll Have To Make. Watch!

This is such a fun DIY sewing project and so stunning when finished. You’ll definitely need to add this to your collection. Today I’m going to show you how to successfully sew a geese flying quilt without hurling your scissors across the room or pulling out your hair. This quilt […]

He Places Wood Squares In A Stair Step Design And What He Makes Is Brilliant!

One thing book lovers know to be true is that you can never have too many books, but you can run out of places to store them. Staircase bookshelves are a great way to show off your collection and allow you to fit more books than ever into your personal library. […]