She Shows You How To Make A Warm And Cozy Flannel Quilt For Cold Winter Nights. Watch!

I couldn’t wait to make one of these for the winter and I got busy right away! I love flannel and how nice and soft it is, plus it’s very durable and can be washed over and over again. I’ve featured a more colorful flannel quilt because I prefer colors […]

This Is A Great Beginner Quilt That Can Be Made Quickly For The Holiday Season!

This is the perfect quilt for your holiday decor and the good news is that it’s incredibly fast and easy! If you get started now, you will have it done before the end of the week! Keep in mind that this is the perfect DIY project for beginners at sewing, […]

She Uses Her Scrap Fabrics To Make A Rich Looking Quilt That Is Easy And Fun!

What a great way to use up your scrap fabrics in these awesome quilt blocks! I was so surprised at how simple it was to sew. If you love quilting or are a beginner at quilting this is a great project. I’ve made several of these quilts, in several sizes, […]

If You Love Seasonal Quilts You’ll Have To Add This Awesome Quilt To Your Collection!

I fell in love with this quilt and had to add it to my seasonal quilts, since I was missing one for Halloween. When I made mine, I decided to go elaborate on the quilting, and so I also splurged on 100% wool batting so my stitches would really pop. […]

She Makes The Coolest Quilt Block That Looks Like An Attic Window!

This is a really cool quilt that brings cause for a lot of conversations. It’s so interesting and can be made so many different ways. I saw one of Pinterest that had Matryoshka Dolls (or Russian nesting dolls) within each frame…I fell in love with it! Many quilters used oriental themed fabric […]

Use Up Your Scraps And No Measuring Involved, A Crazy Quilt Is One The Easiest Quilts!

In the early days women were eager to incorporate this new look into their quilts and with the help of popular women’s magazines the making of crazy quilts became quite the rage. Creativity was wide open with women sewing asymmetrical pieces of fabric together in abstract arrangements. The rage died […]

She Cuts Rectangular Pieces, Making A Magical Stack And Whack Quilt That You’ll Love!

This quilt has been called stack and whack, pinwheel, turning star and flying kite. No matter what it’s called, I think it’s one of the coolest quilt patterns ever. When I made mine, I made it with similar colors that she uses in her tutorial, with a white background and […]

She Cuts 8″ Strips, Cuts Those Into Squares Making A Strikingly Crisp Looking Quilt!

When I first saw this quilt it reminded me of four leaf clovers or X’s. I absolutely love the contrast of the blue and white. It gives the quilt such a crisp look. Jenny tells us this idea originated from the Drunkards Quilt pattern, in which I recently shared with […]

She Cuts Out Scottie Dogs And Makes The Cutest Quilt Ever. Watch!

Most of us are animal lovers…some cats, some dogs and some both, but what would we do without our furry friends? It’s usually assumed that quilts with Scottish Terriers on quilts were inspired by Fala the Scottie that Franklin Roosevelt took with him almost everywhere he went. The feisty little […]

She Cuts Up Small Squares And Places Them Like A Mosaic Creating A Unique Quilt!

This is the perfect DIY sewing project to use up some of your favorite scraps! Since I love doing tile mosaics I was drawn to this quilt because I love anything that has a mosaic look. It’s super easy to make too! And we have strip piecing and chain piecing to […]