She Puts Green Glitter On A Mason Jar And What She Does Next Is Gorgeous!

So many beautiful DIY projects for Christmas decor and this is certainly one of them. What a great way to add some sparkle to your Christmas festivities! Great for seasonal decor or cute gifts when filled with cookies, candy, and more. These work for many of your gifts, rather than […]

She Puts Silver Plastic Spoons In A Cone Then Watch What She Puts With It. Amazing!

This two DIY projects are so lovely and elegant and who would ever believe she used plastic spoons to make something so beautiful? After she puts the spoons in her styrofoam cone and tops it with a stunning silver star she makes another cone tree to go with it and […]

An Incredible Piece Of Artwork With Pebbles…Watch Happens When She Puts Them Together!

I must say that I was blown away when I saw the end result of this piece of art that she made by painting pebbles. It’s amazing what people are doing with pebbles and the art they are creating! I’m an Artist and I paint on just about any surface, […]

Watch This Beautiful Fall Item She Makes After She Puts Mod Podge On A Burlap Leaf!

This is such a cool fall decor item that is super easy yet looks pretty expensive. I love the different look that this item offers up, rather than your average pumpkins that the majority of us end up putting out. After seeing so many of these wooden pumpkins on Pinterest, […]

She Puts Hot Glue Designs On A Cardboard Letter Then Watch What She Puts On Top Of It!

If you’re needing to add something special to your decor, these are perfect pieces for some great wall art. Display them either by theirselves or they look really cool in a grouping of pictures and other items you have mixed into your wall grouping. These decorative letters look expensive but […]

Woman Puts Moss On Top Of A Pumpkin, And What She Does Next Is Fabulous Fall Decor!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I’m a big fan of fall – especially after suffering through an extremely hot summer. I’ve been browsing Pinterest and looking at all of the fabulous ideas for fall DIYs to share.  I created this DIY project with my mom and […]

Watch The Super Cool Thing She Does After She Puts Ribbon On Mason Jar Lids!

Put those fallen leaves to good use by decorating your home with them inside and outside. From pumpkins, candles to autumnal signs – everyone will feel the warmth in your home this season. I think this DIY project is brilliant, not to mention adorable!  I’ve seen a lot of these […]

She Puts Photos On Flat Marbles…Watch How She Does It And The Cool Items She Makes!

Easy. Cheap. Adorable. How can you pass up something like this? I found places online where they actually sell the tutorials on how to make these. I’m attaching a free tutorial for you to see, so you have no reason not to try this cool DIY project! I love doing […]

She Puts Rhinestones On A Cake Plate, But What She Puts In The Middle Is Fabulous!

Now this is a real stunner and you’re gonna have to have one of these after you see how easy it is to make…and cheap! I made three of these for my sitting area in my home and it looks fabulous! It really makes a huge difference in my decor. I mean, […]

She Puts A Place Mat On A Frame With A Mirror. Watch What She Does Next And Why!

This is a really cool DIY project and looks quite unique in your home. It’s got a little bit of a rustic elegant look to it and is quite stunning. I really love how mine turned out. It looks so great sitting on my coffee table as a tray, but […]