This Is A Great DIY Project To Do On Top Of Ugly Canvases You No Longer Like!

DIY wall art is all the rage, because you can make your home look gorgeous without spending your paycheck at Anthropologie, Home Goods, or even IKEA. I’ve been experimenting with various glue effects on canvas with watercolor art. The first one I did was an accident, really. After that, my […]

This Project Will Add Retro Flair And Storage To Your Home And Is Incredibly Awesome!

I got really excited about this DIY project because there’s the coolest trunk in my Mom’s attic…it was my Daddy’s when he was in the Army and I’ve wondered what I could do with it, other than let it live in the attic forever. When I found this tutorial, I […]

She Does This Brilliant DIY Project For $9 And You’ll Have To Have This Fabulous Item!

I never dreamed you could do this so easily. This is an item I would have thought you’d have to purchase, but there’s a DIY project for just about everything. I’ve saved so much money by DIY’ing things! This is so clever and I’ve always wanted a table that had […]

He Presses A Leaf In Clay And You’ll Want To Do This Project When You See What He Makes!

Gone are the days of misplaced keys and spare change scattered all over your house. What better way to you get organized than this natural leaf-shaped dish? My road trip last week left me in a euphoric daze of beautiful fall leaves.  Kentucky was especially beautiful.  Every Autumn I try […]

She Paints A Cake Foam, Wraps In Bling…The Finished Project Is A Show Stopper!

Just when I think I’ve found my favorite DIY project, I find one that I like even better..this one blew me away! Talk about stunning…that’s the first thought that comes to mind when you see this finished! And, what’s even better is that she bought her supplies at the dollar […]

Do it Yourself Word Art {Easy Scroll Saw Woodworking DIY Project and FREE Template} – Dreaming in DIY

Create your very own EASY {and pretty} do it yourself word art!  You can use whatever word or font you like – or come grab the FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE for this sweet “family” 11 inch high by 24 inch wide sign.  This is a true BEGINNER DIY woodworking scroll saw project. […]

DIY Craft Room Wall Storage Organizer Unit Furniture Makeover Project Tutorial {from a 90s Oak Entertainment Center!} – Dreaming in DIY

Don’t get rid of that BEAST of an Entertainment Center you’ve been holding onto since the 90s just yet!  Give it a severe DIY AMBUSH furniture MAKEOVER and transform it into the happiest and prettiest Customized Wall Storage Organization Unit for your Craft Room, Sewing Room, Creative Space or wherever! […]

He Does An Easy New DIY Project – Distressed Paper Mosaic. I Haven’t Seen Anything Like It (Watch!)

I ventured into the world of mosaic art. Something I’ve definitely never tried before. I discovered this specialized type of art and knew it was something I just had to try. It’s unbelievable how many cool projects you can do with this technique! Can you tell I’m excited about this? […]

This 5 Minute Decoupage Project Will Net You The Prettiest Mason Jars Ever!

We really can’t go wrong with a mason jar, now can we? This gal uses all kinds of jars for this awesome DIY project, but when I did this I used my favorites…mason jars! She takes some of the loveliest papers and decoupages them on these jars, but wait! There’s […]

Watch The Clever Thing She Makes Out Of A Placemat And It’s A Great Summer Project For Kids Too!

It’s a good time to start planning summer projects for the kids, so put this one on the list! If you don’t have kids, this is still a clever project and it would make a great Mother’s Day gift too! As you know, gardening and aprons are a match made in heaven. […]