They Gather Some Unique Pieces And Put Them Together Making And Make An Awesome Item!

This is one of my favorite DIY projects and there are so many things you can use to do this fun and cool project. You can create your mosaic with the colors and other materials that strikes your fancy, you can even be adventurous and mix up the items you […]

She Cuts Rectangular Pieces, Making A Magical Stack And Whack Quilt That You’ll Love!

This quilt has been called stack and whack, pinwheel, turning star and flying kite. No matter what it’s called, I think it’s one of the coolest quilt patterns ever. When I made mine, I made it with similar colors that she uses in her tutorial, with a white background and […]

She Pieces A Cat Into This Amazing Quilt Block And Adds Other Exciting Blocks!

I’m so excited to share this awesome quilt with you today! This quilt is absolutely remarkable and I fell in love with it, as I’m sure most of you will too. It’s quite extraordinary. She calls this the Snapshot Quilt and I assume it’s because they use different pictures in […]

She Pieces Half Of A Log Cabin Pattern And Half Of A Triangle…Watch What She Does!

Log cabin quilt designs are always a favorite with beginning quilters and expert quilters alike. The simple piecework has a timeless charm that lends itself to endless log cabin quilt variations and this quilt pattern creates an interesting and different log cabin look when you change it up a bit with […]

She Smooths Out Two Pieces Of Foil. What She Does Next Is Amazing…You’ll Want These!

I got really excited about this DIY project and absolutely had to make these! I fell in love with them the minute I saw these! She cuts a brown bag or craft paper into several layers. Next, she takes the Aleene’s tacky double stick sheets and attaches to the front […]

She Pieces String Blocks Out Of Scraps In A Diamond Shape…Watch How She Does it!

This is the perfect DIY project for using up some of those wonderful scrap fabrics you’ve been hanging onto forever, and the end result is just stunning. It’s actually one of my favorite quilts because of the design and how colorful it is. Most of us have strips and scraps […]

She Sews 2 Pieces Of Fabric Together…What She Makes Is An Item We All Need And Use

These are so quick and simple to make.  They make great gifts for teachers or work colleagues at Christmas time, and are also a nice little thought for a sick friend, or someone who is going on vacation….and birthday gifts! Scraps of bright print fabric are perfect for hiding unsightly […]

She Cuts 2 Pieces Of Fabric 20″ x 15″ And Makes Quick And Easy Items We All Need!

This is a great DIY project and it only takes 15 minutes to make one of these…my kind of project, for sure! You can never have too many of these, so why not make them when they take such little time to do? This is a place mat that’s so […]

She Cuts Her Scraps In Different Size Pieces And Makes A Fun Quilt Without A Pattern!

This is a fun quilt because you get to make it up as you go. There’s no pattern for this and the best news about this is that you get use up your scraps! A slab quilt is improvisational piecing with scraps. It’s one thing to make a smaller piece […]

After Attaching 4 Pieces Of Wood She Makes A Super Functional Piece Of Furniture. Watch!

Building your own furniture may seem like a complicated project that only seasoned hand crafters would be able to do. Indeed, some pieces of furniture may require elaborate plans, well thought out and thorough work to complete. If woodworking is not your forte but you still want to try building something […]