Watch The Incredible Way She Transforms An Ordinary Sweater Making It Stylish!

I’m in love with what she does to change up this basic sweater.  She gives it some pizazz and  a style that is the rage right now and she definitely knows what she’s doing. She has has a sweater refashion with a twist. It makes a perfect transitional piece. As […]

This Is A ‘Must Know’ For Your Gift Wrapping Skills, Making Your Life Easier. Learn How!

When the holidays right around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to learn how to do this for your wreath and presents! Crafting Geek shows you how to make bows in the tutorial attached below. Now you can avoid the frustration of your bows turning out…lets say…not […]

She’s Making A Beautiful And Amazing Item That Was On Her Mom’s Christmas List. Watch!

Besides being gorgeous, they’re useful all around the house. They’re perfect for storing supplies in the kitchen, bedroom, office, sewing room and more. These beautiful creations can be made in any fabric and color combination that appeals to you, whether prints or solids. Buttons add a charming finishing touch. The […]

Add Some Character To Your Christmas Tree This Year By Making This Easy No Sew Item!

I was ready for something new this year and ran across this cool tutorial. I’d already fallen in love with one of these on Etsy, but the price tag was $180! I couldn’t believe this didn’t involve sewing. Not that I have anything against sewing, but there are a lot […]

By Making This You Can Always Have A Full Moon Shining Brightly In Your Home. Watch!

Check out this brilliant lamp! Designed to look like the moon, the  moon lamp is individually handcrafted as an art deco piece that is both functional and elegant. Check out the tutorial for this new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon. These are incredibly easy […]

She Shows Us A Brilliant Solution For Making A Dress That Is Too Short Longer. Watch!

Have you ever had that favorite dress that shrunk in length, maybe it seemed longer in the store, or we grew, or we just got older and more prude.  In any case, there is a solution! This quick and easy DIY hack can make a world of difference for ill-fitting or rarely worn […]

She Paints A Wood Circle, Farmhouse Style, Making An Item That We All Need In Our Kitchen

After having one of these in my home, I don’t know what I ever did without one. These make things much more convenient. She adds a quaint touch of rustic charm to the one she makes in the attached tutorial. Today, I am sharing how to make your own lazy […]

They Gather Some Unique Pieces And Put Them Together Making And Make An Awesome Item!

This is one of my favorite DIY projects and there are so many things you can use to do this fun and cool project. You can create your mosaic with the colors and other materials that strikes your fancy, you can even be adventurous and mix up the items you […]

Watch How She Easily Repurposes A T-Shirt By Making This Cool Item!

How many of you hang on to old t-shirts? I am guilty as charged! Today I am going to show you how I transformed some t-shirts into an adorable and trendy t-shirt pillow! I’m always surprised to see how people repurpose t-shirts and I was more surprised by this DIY […]

She Cuts A Bunch Of Ribbons And Saves A Ton Of Money By Making This Herself!

My daughter just sent me a photo, after making one of these for a friend, and it was absolutely incredible. She even braided the ribbon the way they do in the attached tutorial. I was certainly impressed and know that she saved a ton of money by doing it herself! […]