5 Decorative Christmas Jar Projects to Decorate Your Home Frugally

Finally it’s autumn, and we’re heading fast for winter. I love summer as much as the next gal, but I have to admit that in many ways, I am a winter person. Yard work and gardening have their appeal during the spring and summer, but in the fall and winter, […]

She Glues A Small Tree And Ornament to A Mason Jar Lid And Watch What She Does Next!

These make the best gifts if you’re on a budget…well, even if you’re not on a budget, they’re still awesome gifts! I have seen so many beautiful snow globe DIY projects this year and there’s just something so peaceful and pleasant about them. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t […]

She Puts Green Glitter On A Mason Jar And What She Does Next Is Gorgeous!

So many beautiful DIY projects for Christmas decor and this is certainly one of them. What a great way to add some sparkle to your Christmas festivities! Great for seasonal decor or cute gifts when filled with cookies, candy, and more. These work for many of your gifts, rather than […]

3 Easy and Creative Fall Mason Jar Decorating Projects Anyone Can DO

I get so caught up enjoying the fun of summer that I always dread it coming to an end. So I tend to forget that I also adore autumn. That means that every year, I fall in love with fall all over again. And it’s always when I start crafting […]

You Must Try This Decadent And Mouthwatering Dessert In A Mason Jar!

My mouth waters just talking about this decadent little dessert and this past weekend we celebrated our daughter’s birthday. She requested her favorite cake…Black Forest Cake.  I thought it might be fun to make Black Forest Cake in a Mason jar for her party. It’s so easy to make, and […]

She Makes The Coolest Scarecrow With A Mason Jar And Raffia. Watch What She Does Next!

So many amazing DIY projects for the fall season and this one is particularly cute. You’ll definitely have to make this for your Halloween decor! Mason jars are all the rage in crafting and creating different characters with them for the holiday is fun and easy. Use your imagination to […]

Watch The Super Cool Thing She Does After She Puts Ribbon On Mason Jar Lids!

Put those fallen leaves to good use by decorating your home with them inside and outside. From pumpkins, candles to autumnal signs – everyone will feel the warmth in your home this season. I think this DIY project is brilliant, not to mention adorable!  I’ve seen a lot of these […]

31 Brilliantly Creative Mason Jar Projects for Fall

Looking to decorate your home for fall? What better way to get ready for autumn than with lots of mason jar crafts. We think cute fall decor should always start (and end) with mason jars, so we found 31 of the best mason jar ideas from our favorite DIY blogs. […]

She Cuts Jar Shapes Out Of Fabrics With Bugs On It For A Fun And Easy Quilt. Watch!

This tall bug jar quilt pattern is perfect for all quilters, even beginners who’ve never sewn a quilt. Kids love the jars because they make perfect I Spy Quilts when each jar holds fabrics printed with objects that take a bit of time for little eyes to find. The jars don’t have […]

She Pours Resin And Acrylic Paint In A Mason Jar. What She Does Next Is A Perfect Gift!

I had been trying to find a special gift to give my best friend and I ran across this easy, yet meaningful mason jar DIY project.  A simple project can make a big impact and the great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and […]