She Makes 3 Easy And Fabulous Items Creating An Absolutely Elegant Christmas Theme!

There’s nothing more elegant than white and gold Christmas decor and if you want to change up your Christmas decor or you’re just getting started in a new home, these three DIY projects are something you must check out! When putting all of these decorations together the end result is […]

Watch How She Easily Creates This Incredible Piece Of Art With Items She Already Has!

I had lots of fun creating this cool piece of art! The sky’s the limit when doing this DIY project and these make fabulous gifts to give to your loved ones during the holiday season. This mixed media canvas board was so easy. One of the things I love when […]

She Makes One Of The Most In Demand Decor Items On The Market Today. Watch!

I wanted to share this DIY project with you because I was in search for one of these not too long ago and never did find the size and style I was looking for. I settled for one that was a little different and it sits on a table. The […]

What She Makes With Dollar Store Items Is So Brilliant, You’ll Have To Have One!

When I saw this clever DIY project I was amazed at how genius it was! Of course, I had to make one since it was something I had been looking to buy and it never once occurred to me I could make one. This was so ridiculously easy to make […]

One Of The Most Incredibly Beautiful Items Made By Simply Rolling Colored Paper Strips!

It’s absolutely amazing what people DIY and although this looks complicated it actually couldn’t be any easier! If you can roll and glue paper strips then you can definitely make this. I made one of these, while I was watching my favorite shows on TV, by gluing long narrow strips […]

She Puts Photos On Flat Marbles…Watch How She Does It And The Cool Items She Makes!

Easy. Cheap. Adorable. How can you pass up something like this? I found places online where they actually sell the tutorials on how to make these. I’m attaching a free tutorial for you to see, so you have no reason not to try this cool DIY project! I love doing […]

She Melts Soy Wax And A Couple Other Items For A Body Bar That Makes Your Skin So Soft!

I go through a lot of  lotion because my skin has gotten really dry. When I ran across this tutorial I decided to give it a try and these are absolutely fabulous! I’m totally hooked and you will be too! Whoever invented the lotion bar concept is pure genius. I […]

With One Yard Of Fabric And Some Elastic She Makes One Of The Cutest Items!

This is a super easy DIY project that will take you only 1 hour to make and it’s absolutely perfect for the summer heat! Since the summer makes us feel like we’re gonna wilt, a cute light weight skirt can make a big difference! Making cotton skirts for girls (or […]

She Cuts 2 Pieces Of Fabric 20″ x 15″ And Makes Quick And Easy Items We All Need!

This is a great DIY project and it only takes 15 minutes to make one of these…my kind of project, for sure! You can never have too many of these, so why not make them when they take such little time to do? This is a place mat that’s so […]

She Puts Rings On Pop Tops And Makes One Of The Coolest Items Ever. Watch!

A while back I saw someone with one of these and I thought it was so awesome…I just had to have one, but I didn’t have any idea how it was made. I ran across this tutorial showing me exactly how to make one and I had been saving pop […]