She Glues A Small Tree And Ornament to A Mason Jar Lid And Watch What She Does Next!

These make the best gifts if you’re on a budget…well, even if you’re not on a budget, they’re still awesome gifts! I have seen so many beautiful snow globe DIY projects this year and there’s just something so peaceful and pleasant about them. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t […]

She Glues Sticks In A Circle And What She Does Next Brings Nothing But Rustic Charm!

When I saw this on Pinterest, I had to go look for the tutorial. It was love at first sight and I simply had to have one for my home! First of all I love anything made with twigs, but when you get fabric roses in the mix, I’m totally […]

She Glues Shells On A CD And What She Does Next Makes For The Cutest Beach Decor!

It’s amazing how many DIY projects you can do with sea shells. I was browsing on Pinterest and saw so many cool things that people have made with them, so make sure to pick some up when you go to the beach! This gal makes the cutest little owls to […]

She Glues Glitter On A Fall Leaf And You’ll Love This When You See What She Does Next!

Fall is the beginning of the holiday decorating in our homes. I personally love decorating my home for fall because I feel like it makes my home feel and look more cozy and intimate. Decorating for any holiday, however, can get pretty expensive. There are so many adorable decorations out […]

She Cuts China And Glues It To Concrete And Adds Something Fabulous To Her Garden!

This is a great solution to utilize those broken or cracked dishes you’ve been saving up because you knew you could do something cool with them, but wasn’t quite sure what DIY project would be the best to do. That’s right you can create beautiful garden stones with broken dishes […]

He Dyes And Glues Clothespins To Wood And What He Does Next Is So Incredibly Unique!

I fell in love with this DIY project the instant I laid eyes on it! I had to have this and got busy making one right after seeing it! I got my husband to cut the wood for me and started painting and adding all of these accent pieces. I […]

She Glues Rope On Pallet Wood And What She Does Next Is Full Of Rustic Charm!

I decided to plan and make my Christmas gifts in July, like I’ve promised myself I’d do every year for the past few years and I’m really doing it this year! Rather than buying Christmas gifts, I have decided to make them! I have found some great ideas of things […]

She Glues Buttons On A Cross And Puts It On A Canvas That She Geniously Decorates!

I fell in love with this beautiful DIY project and I made one right away! I had lots of old buttons and picked up a cheap wood cross and canvas at Michaels. I already had plenty of different colored paints and spray paints and used pages from an old book […]

He Nails Pallets, Wraps And Hot Glues Twine. You’ll Always Have A Place For This Item!

A clever item made from pallet wood that’s incredibly easy to build and you’ll absolutely enjoy doing it, not to mention you’ll get a very useful item in the end. And, don’t forget the best part…the pallet wood is free! This handcrafted picture frame is full of so much charm, […]

She Glues A Doily To A Mason Jar And You’ll Love What She Does Next!

I have another Mason Jar Craft Project to share that incorporates one of my favorite craft supplies, Doilies! These dainty pieces of fabric are used in a wide variety of crafts and today you will learn how to make DIY Doily Mason Jar Luminaries. I think all of us have […]