What She Does With A Pineapple For Halloween Decor Is Genius. Watch!

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After She Attaches Magnets To Her Makeup You Won’t Believe What She Does Next. Genius!

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31 Genius DIY Ideas Made From Tin Cans

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She Cuts Up Old T-Shirts And What She Does With Them Is Nothing Short Of Genius!

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41 Genius Rustic Decor Ideas Made With Chicken Wire

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She Attaches Wire To Clear Ball Ornaments And What She Makes Is Absolutely Genius!

She Attaches Wire To Clear Ball Ornaments And What She Makes Is Absolutely Genius! – DIY Joy I’m so excited to share the process of how she created this incredible item that will be quite the conversation piece when you have guests into your home! Instead of paying $3,000-$7,000 for […]

He Shows Us 38 Genius Ideas For Repurposing Plastic Bottles. My Favorite Is #37!

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She Cuts Out Squares In Fabric And What She Does Next Is Genius!

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She Makes Easy And Cheap Decor All With Dollar Store Items And Mason Jars. Genius!

After sweating out the completion of my living room plank wall, I was wanting to do a quick and easy craft project.  As much as I love breaking out the saw and nail gun, there’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than painting and creating a simple craft, especially when it uses Dollar Store […]