She Attaches Fabric Triangles To A Styrofoam Cone And Makes An Amazing Decoration!

You can never have too many Christmas decorations, right? That’s what is special about this time of the year…the more decor, the better. Today I have a great no-sew tutorial for you which is really fun to make. It’s a no-sew fabric Christmas tree that you can make with fabric […]

She Sews Two Circles Of Fabric Together And Folds It Into A Beautiful Holiday Item!

There’s just something so special about these beautiful hand crafted items. I love the old fashioned look about these and simply had to make them! Adding these to your tree creates such a beautiful effect on your Christmas tree. My Mom and Grandmother always made the most beautiful handmade ornaments […]

She Sews Red And Beige Fabric But It’s What She Adds Next That Will Make You Want One!

If your home doesn’t have one of these, you’ll definitely have to add one to your Christmas collection! This is a fun DIY project and easy to make! These look so cute sitting on a sofa. They add that perfect pop of color for your holiday decor…I had to make […]

She Folds Fabric Triangles, Then Sews Them Down And The End Result Is Beautiful!

Many years ago I learned how to do this technique, and finally I have had time to make these. It’s a lot of fun, and not difficult. I’m so excited to be able to share this amazing technique on how this lady makes the folded stars. I used Christmas fabrics […]

After She Sews Fabric Strips Together She Makes A Fun And Adorable Item. Watch!

If you haven’t ever gotten around to making these, this is the perfect time to get busy doing so. They make the greatest gifts and it will soon be the season for gift giving! In the attached tutorial she shows you how to make your very own frog, a great […]

Watch How She Makes An Extraordinary Tunic Top By Adding Contrasting Fabric Panels!

This is such a cool top that I just had to share it with you. I made one and it is so nice and flowy…I feel so pretty when I wear it. Don’t we all need clothing that gives us that feeling? I was surprised with how easy this was […]

She Attaches Glass Knobs To Fabric Covered Peg Board. What She Does Next Is Super Cool!

Would you believe that I saw one of these on Etsy for $75 and they were sold out! This might be one of those DIY projects you can make a little money on. It’s something to think about! This is so pretty and simple. All you need is an old […]

You’ll Never Guess What She Makes With Two Strips Of Fabric And Some Ribbon…Brilliant!

When I ran across this tutorial I came to a screeching halt because it was a big solution to a problem I frequently experience at the most inopportune times! I’m sure that you all can relate to running out of toilet paper and the inconvenience it poses when you need […]

She Cuts Strips Of Fabric, Arranging In A Design We All Love, Making An Amazing Quilt!

I thought I would share this awesome quilt with you, since the fall is upon us and the weather’s starting to cool down, making it quilt season! Nothing’s better than opening the windows at night and covering up with a quilt or two. Speaking of quilts, this quilt is particularly […]