She Flattens A Soda Can, Cuts Out Leaves And Makes An Incredible Wreath. Brilliant!

I never dreamed that you could create something so beautiful by recycling soda cans, but this is evidence that you certainly can! This is a DIY project that will cost you nothing but the paint you put on it, and a little bit of time and elbow grease. Soda cans […]

He Cuts Pallet Wood And Nails It Together For An Awesome Christmas Decoration!

I think we all need at least one of these to display during the holidays, or all year around works too! Decorate your home or make these pallet wood stars as hand-crafted gifts that will be cherished for many years! Since I live in Texas and the Texas star is […]

She Cuts Felt And Makes a Rustic Pottery Barn Inspired Item For Her Christmas Decor!

It’s that time of year again, and we could not be more excited to be decorating for Christmas  in DIY style. If you are looking for a creative way to have a tree and are limited on space, this is a super cool idea for you. If you love making […]

He Cuts Pallets At An Angle And Nails Them Together For A Holiday Item You Must Have!

Christmas is just around the corner and I am still yet to share some of my favorite crafts of the season with you! This easy upcycled pallet Christmas tree made from pallet wood and has to be one of my all time favorites!  It has my favorite components of the perfect craft, […]

He Cuts A Pallet And Makes A Charming Item That We All Love And Need!

Rustic style is appealing in many ways, mainly because it makes your home look warm and cozy. The style also makes it look like it’s handcrafted and unique. That’s exactly the kind of look you want to get when you decide to DIY your decor. Gotta love free pallet wood! […]

She Cuts Strips From Bandanas And You’ll Love The Cool Item She Makes. Watch!

This is such a fun and easy DIY project and you can use any color of bandana that you like to make it your own. The great thing about bandanas is that they’re cheap and you can pick them up at your local craft store. When I made my bandana […]

She Cuts A Bunch Of Ribbons And Saves A Ton Of Money By Making This Herself!

My daughter just sent me a photo, after making one of these for a friend, and it was absolutely incredible. She even braided the ribbon the way they do in the attached tutorial. I was certainly impressed and know that she saved a ton of money by doing it herself! […]

She Cuts Rectangular Pieces, Making A Magical Stack And Whack Quilt That You’ll Love!

This quilt has been called stack and whack, pinwheel, turning star and flying kite. No matter what it’s called, I think it’s one of the coolest quilt patterns ever. When I made mine, I made it with similar colors that she uses in her tutorial, with a white background and […]

She Cuts A Semi-Hourglass Shape In Jeans And Makes A Really Fashionable Item You Need!

We love repurposing and this is a super simple project. You are going to love the results and it will come in so handy too!  I’m sure by now you have plenty of questions swirling around in your head. Who would have thought that you could turn those old jeans […]

She Cuts 8″ Strips, Cuts Those Into Squares Making A Strikingly Crisp Looking Quilt!

When I first saw this quilt it reminded me of four leaf clovers or X’s. I absolutely love the contrast of the blue and white. It gives the quilt such a crisp look. Jenny tells us this idea originated from the Drunkards Quilt pattern, in which I recently shared with […]