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These 5 Easy DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Are SO Creative

Ask most kids their favorite holiday, and they’ll probably respond with “Christmas,” or “my birthday” (in the cast of my youngest, who thinks her birthday is a holiday). But with our kids, it has always been “Easter.” They love painting Easter eggs. I hear about it for weeks leading up to the day we all […]

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30 Creative Things You Should Do With Old Silverware

Old or new, silverware can do way more than you previously thought it could. Silly me, I thought forks were for eating dinner. Think spoons are for eating ice cream, soup and cereal? Think again! Turns out silverware is one of the hottest new DIY trends when it comes to cool materials you can repurpose. […]

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These Are Insanely Creative Ideas To Do With Embroidery Hoops And You’ll Want To See!

Have you ever thought about using embroidery hoops for anything other than embroidering? Watch the clever things Thaitrick does with embroidery hoops and you can benefit a lot from seeing these! Some of these tricks will help you say goodbye to the mess in your sewing room and are great DIY organization ideas. You will […]

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5 Brilliantly Creative DIY Christmas Crafts Anyone Can Make

Getting ready for this year’s Christmas parties? Welcome to holiday DIY central. Here at DIYnCrafts, we’re making it easy for you to deck your halls and get everything ready for the festive season. In fact, you can literally deck your halls using these 25 DIY garland ideas. Need help coming up with recipes for your […]

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She Shows Us A Creative Way To Add A Splash Of Color To Your Fence. Learn How!

This is a magnificent way to add some charm to your backyard and it’s incredibly easy to do. It’s amazing what a difference a little color can make! What’s really cool is the way the light hits these colored marbles and shines through, giving it a stained glass effect. Of course I had to do […]

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5 Brilliantly Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Getting your home all spruced up for the holidays? Then I’m guessing you’ve been spending a lot of time on our site lately checking out the many projects we’ve been sharing! This year we’re focusing on reclaimed wood Christmas decoration projects and on ways you can use fresh evergreen in your holiday decorating. But once […]

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38 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas You’ll Want to Try Today

Need some gift wrapping ideas? Perhaps plain white or brown paper will do at certain times, but come Christmastime, we need to make sure our gift wrapping matches the spirit of the season. Forget plain and boring or even simple. Try getting creative with these fun and easy but also fabulous gift wrapping ideas. Complete with […]

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30 Brilliantly Creative DIY Aquariums

Looking for a new decor piece that people can’t stop talking about? How about one you can’t quit looking at with wonder? If so, then we know what your next DIY project is going to be… You need one of these genius DIY fish tanks, or perhaps you need several, one in every room. I am in […]

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5 Creative Snowman Crafts You Can DO In Under Three Minutes

It’s fall, which for me means holiday craft time! Even though it’s still early into the season, for me it’s not too soon to work on some winter-themed crafts. Have you checked out any of our holiday craft lists? Take a look at these 20 DIY door decorations for Christmas, and these 15 festive tree […]