Who Knew You Could Make So Many Cool Things Out Of Toilet Paper Rolls? Watch!

Not only does she make some cool toilet paper roll ornaments, but there’s a couple of surprise Christmas decor items that you’ll definitely want to see! The last one is my favorite! Do not throw out your toilet paper rolls but save them from now on, it’s a perfect time […]

They Cut Different Size PVC Pipes And You’ll Be Amazed By The Cool Item They Make!

This is such a clever idea if you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, don’t want the mess of a real tree, or you decide to have more than one tree. Some people have trees in more than one room of their house! Christmas trees play a huge part […]

She Takes Her Scraps And Makes A Really Cool Wall Hanging For The Holidays!

Ok, ladies, get out your scraps and lets bust them up with this great scrap buster tutorial! With the holidays upon us this is a great project that you can make pretty quickly. You and your family can be enjoy this for many Christmas’s to come! With this adorable DIY […]

Watch How He Recycles An Old Item Into A Cool And Unique Piece Of Furniture. Easy!

There’s so many fabulous DIY projects available to us, so make sure you check them out before you throw away an item that could really make a difference in your home! Check out this fun idea to make with old tires…stack two and then make outdoor seating with them. If […]

Halloween Is The Perfect Night For Cool Lighting…We Have 4 Great Ideas To Choose From!

It’s not Halloween without some wicked lighting to set the tone. Well, these aren’t so wicked, but they sure do set the tone for some great Halloween decor and ambient lighting is the only way to go to set the tone, right? They are beyond easy – I may even […]

Watch The 14 Insanely Cool Things She Does With Old Toys!

Hopefully you haven’t thrown out your kids old toys because this gal does some brilliant things with them! I got really excited about these DIY projects and have already made a couple of them. I love colorful and artsy looking things so I especially loved the lamp she spray paints […]

She Makes 5 Super Cool Gifts For The Cat Lovers In Her Life. Watch!

These are such fun gifts that I had to make a couple of them for myself before making them for my friends who are big cat lovers! We all have that friend or family member who’s obsessed with all things cats (and maybe one of those people is you). With the […]

Watch How She Makes A Super Cool Birthday Decoration That Can Be Seen For Miles!

I had been seeing these in people’s front yards and found out that there are people who actually do this for a business and it can be a little pricey! The good news is you can DIY this cool decoration and save yourself a lot of money. This is a […]

She Makes A Super Cool Costume Accessory Out Of Galvanized Wire And Knee Highs. Watch!

Here is a neat little project to do as a Halloween costume. I couldn’t believe that you could make these with knee highs or tights…it never would have occurred to me! You don’t have to spend much money for a costume and these fairy wings are quite original. I ventured out […]

Watch How She Easily Repurposes A T-Shirt By Making This Cool Item!

How many of you hang on to old t-shirts? I am guilty as charged! Today I am going to show you how I transformed some t-shirts into an adorable and trendy t-shirt pillow! I’m always surprised to see how people repurpose t-shirts and I was more surprised by this DIY […]