She Attaches Fabric Triangles To A Styrofoam Cone And Makes An Amazing Decoration!

You can never have too many Christmas decorations, right? That’s what is special about this time of the year…the more decor, the better. Today I have a great no-sew tutorial for you which is really fun to make. It’s a no-sew fabric Christmas tree that you can make with fabric […]

She Sews Scallops And Attaches It To An Item We All Use And Need!

These are fabulous gifts for house warming and wedding showers. I’ve already made up several of these and plan to give them as gifts to some of my family members this coming holiday season. I’ve made some of these for my kitchen and they are so lovely. They seriously make […]

After She Attaches Magnets To Her Makeup You Won’t Believe What She Does Next. Genius!

This is the most ingenious idea I’ve seen in a long time and it certainly makes things a lot easier when you are getting ready in the morning…or any time for that matter! I just wish I’d seen this a long time ago. It would have saved me so much […]

She Attaches Glass Knobs To Fabric Covered Peg Board. What She Does Next Is Super Cool!

Would you believe that I saw one of these on Etsy for $75 and they were sold out! This might be one of those DIY projects you can make a little money on. It’s something to think about! This is so pretty and simple. All you need is an old […]

She Attaches Crystals To A Plate And Creates A Breakfast At Tiffany’s Inspired Item!

This fabulous DIY project made me drool when I first saw it and I knew immediately that I was going to have to make this! I absolutely love things like this…shiny sparkly things! The best news about it is that you can get all your supplies at the Dollar Store! […]

She Cuts Circles, Attaches Them To Squares And Makes A Brilliantly Beautiful Item!

This is probably one of the very best tutorials I have seen for making a quilt using the basic Drunkard’s path block. In fact, this tutorial probably makes any other instruction we can give you obsolete and redundant. The drunkard’s path is a quilt square with a ton of history. […]

She Attaches Boxwood Clippings To A Wreath, Then She Hangs It On A Cool Farmhouse Item!

I love things like this! You can create the warmest and coziest feeling in your home when you add things like this to your decor. The cool thing about this DIY project? It cost her only $13 to make! This type of accessory will look lovely with just about any […]

She Measures And Cuts Fabric, Attaches Ribbon And Saves Money On An Item We All Need!

I fell in love with the look of these and I was definitely in the market for them since we just moved into a new home and I needed to get busy…fast! We needed window treatments in the worse kind of way! Custom window treatments can be very expensive, if […]

She Attaches Plastic Cups To Each Other…The Result? Magical!

Now here’s an brilliant idea for your home decor and just goes to show you that you can do more with plastic cups than just drink out of them! Heres a DIY project that you can make out of an abundant resource that you regularly toss, and plastic was the […]

She Cuts 2 Long Strips And What She Attaches Them To Is An Item You Will Have To Have!

This is such a fun item…especially for the summer! Doesn’t watermelons come to mind when we think of the summertime? That is a fond memory of childhood summers. If you don’t have one of these, it’s a great time to make one! There’s no time like the present, right? And, […]