After Painting Wood She Adds Vinyl Letters And Gives The Wood A Weathered Look. Watch!

A wood sign is the perfect way to add a rustic element to your home. One of my favorite things to look for when out thrifting are signs, and many times I have to pass on them because they’re usually too expensive. The good news? You can easily make your own! […]

She Sews Red And Beige Fabric But It’s What She Adds Next That Will Make You Want One!

If your home doesn’t have one of these, you’ll definitely have to add one to your Christmas collection! This is a fun DIY project and easy to make! These look so cute sitting on a sofa. They add that perfect pop of color for your holiday decor…I had to make […]

She Adds Painted Rocks To Her Holiday Decor And It’s Simple, Easy And Cheap!

One of my favorite surfaces to paint on is rocks! It’s remarkable how you can transform an ordinary rock into something so spectacular! This is the coolest thing about painting…watching something turn into a life like object! I’ve been painting for a long time and when my grandchildren come over, […]

Watch How She Adds Sparkle And Elegance To Her Home By Doing A Couple Simple Things!

It is no surprise that pumpkins make some of the best DIY home decor ideas for autumn. Try this awesome pumpkin craft to place on your front porch, as a table centerpiece, and for creative decor around your home. They are so easy to make when you follow the attached […]

She Pieces A Cat Into This Amazing Quilt Block And Adds Other Exciting Blocks!

I’m so excited to share this awesome quilt with you today! This quilt is absolutely remarkable and I fell in love with it, as I’m sure most of you will too. It’s quite extraordinary. She calls this the Snapshot Quilt and I assume it’s because they use different pictures in […]

She Cuts China And Glues It To Concrete And Adds Something Fabulous To Her Garden!

This is a great solution to utilize those broken or cracked dishes you’ve been saving up because you knew you could do something cool with them, but wasn’t quite sure what DIY project would be the best to do. That’s right you can create beautiful garden stones with broken dishes […]

He Mixes Plaster Of Paris And Water But What He Adds Next Will Save You A Lot Of Money

If you are a DIY junkie and love saving money on your projects, then most likely you have at one time or another made, or thought about making this yourself, since it’s incredibly expensive. This great stuff is designed to transform furniture and make it look vintage. This is the […]

She Puts Scrapbook Paper On A Mason Jar, Then What She Adds Is The Icing On The Cake!

These are some of the cutest mason jars I’ve seen so far and they are so ridiculously easy to make! Talk about a great thing to give as a gift. Why wrap a present when you can put a little gift in this lovely jar? It doesn’t take much to […]

She Adds A Cool Piece Of Hardware To A Rustic Decor Piece She Made And You’ll Love It!

Can opposites really work into one design theme? Apparently, the modern rustic ideas and designs are one of the top favorites of today’s homes. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The result? A fashionably chic design with all the modern […]

He Cuts Wood In Different Shapes, He Adds A Mason Jar And You Won’t Believe Why!

I love anything in a mason jar, but this little project is beyond cute.  It looks so unique on the kitchen counter and it’s an interesting feature to add, along with a pop of color! This is something fun that the whole family will enjoy…although you may be filling it up a […]