35 Awesome Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Need to have a gift right about now? Whether you are out of time to shop, money or both, we have the perfect solution for you. Try making one of these 35 super creative handmade presents for that special someone. From home decor to cute little accessories to the more […]

33 DIY Hacks for Renters

Dreaming of decorating your home, but you may have years to wait because you are renting? I used to think this, too, that my home could not have amazing decor because I was renting my apartment. Lately, thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite DIY bloggers, I’ve found this […]

She Takes Her Scraps And Makes A Really Cool Wall Hanging For The Holidays!

Ok, ladies, get out your scraps and lets bust them up with this great scrap buster tutorial! With the holidays upon us this is a great project that you can make pretty quickly. You and your family can be enjoy this for many Christmas’s to come! With this adorable DIY […]

40 Coolest Gifts To Make for Mom

Want to give your mother something amazing this year for Christmas or her birthday? I love making things for my Mom more than just about anyone, because she appreciates little handmade gifts more than anything I could ever buy. Cheaper than purchasing something, and far, far nicer, these creative DIY […]

What He Makes Out Of Scrap Wood Is Beyond Amazing. Watch!

I got so excited about what this man did with scrap wood, since we had a pile of scrap wood in the back of our house. I got my husband on board with this great DIY project and now I’m the proud owner of one of these! I’d had this […]

This Is A Great DIY Project To Do On Top Of Ugly Canvases You No Longer Like!

DIY wall art is all the rage, because you can make your home look gorgeous without spending your paycheck at Anthropologie, Home Goods, or even IKEA. I’ve been experimenting with various glue effects on canvas with watercolor art. The first one I did was an accident, really. After that, my […]

Watch How She Easily Creates This Incredible Piece Of Art With Items She Already Has!

I had lots of fun creating this cool piece of art! The sky’s the limit when doing this DIY project and these make fabulous gifts to give to your loved ones during the holiday season. This mixed media canvas board was so easy. One of the things I love when […]

She Takes Wheat And Makes A Beautiful Item For Her Thanksgiving Holidays. Watch!

This is so simple and elegant. This is a perfect piece of decor that will be lovely while celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays with family and friends. You don’t have to use wheat in this wreath. You can use whatever you think is pretty from your yard or even the roadside […]

She Takes A Bike Rim And Makes The Most Unique Item For Her Home!

This is such a brilliant DIY project that will certainly add something interesting to your decor. It is quite the conversation piece too! Wall clocks are a great addition to any decorating style and any size room. They add a classic element, but can be quirky and full of personality […]

What She Does With Bubble Wrap And Cardboard Is A Brilliant Work Of Art!

This is such a clever way to make the best out of things you would normally throw away! I was totally surprised when I saw the finished piece of art. When I first started watching the tutorial, I thought she was making coasters and started to get disappointed because I’ve […]