33 DIY Hacks for Renters

Dreaming of decorating your home, but you may have years to wait because you are renting? I used to think this, too, that my home could not have amazing decor because I was renting my apartment. Lately, thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite DIY bloggers, I’ve found this […]

He Had Leftover Carpet And What He Does Is Not Only Clever But Made Someone Happy!

I was really surprised at how easy this guy makes this DIY project look, and, if you were to buy one of these it would cost you quite a bit! If you have leftover carpet or are having carpet taken up, you might want to think about this project for […]

She Cuts Up Old Clothes And You’ll Have To Have This Clever Item She Makes. Watch!

After seeing this tutorial you will think twice before tossing your old clothes! This gal has the right idea when she cuts up her family’s old clothes and puts them to an amazing use. Well, if you hate to throw anything away this is definitely the DIY project for you! […]

42 Brilliant Country Decor Ideas To Make For Your Porch

Are you in love with country farmhouse decor and can’t ever get enough of it? We are, too, and want to make just about everything we see, especially when it comes to decorating the porch and patio. What better way to welcome people into your home than with a display […]