33 DIY Hacks for Renters

Dreaming of decorating your home, but you may have years to wait because you are renting? I used to think this, too, that my home could not have amazing decor because I was renting my apartment. Lately, thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite DIY bloggers, I’ve found this […]

Watch How She Makes This Charming Item For Her Holiday Decor. So Easy!

I love Christmas.  Family, the music, the tree, the ornaments, the food, the cookies. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and definitely my favorite holiday. I get warm and fuzzy feelings when Christmas time is here. I am also excited for Christmas this year so I can finally […]

40 Coolest Gifts To Make for Mom

Want to give your mother something amazing this year for Christmas or her birthday? I love making things for my Mom more than just about anyone, because she appreciates little handmade gifts more than anything I could ever buy. Cheaper than purchasing something, and far, far nicer, these creative DIY […]

50 Cheap DIY Gifts That Only Look Expensive

We love making DIY gifts for Christmas, but learned that even making things can add up to a major expense. I thought by making handmade gifts last year that I would be saving a ton of money, and was I ever surprised to learn, when I totaled up my receipts, […]

She Shows Us How To Sew Fake Pleats And What She Makes With Them Looks So Chic!

This is so beautiful and incredibly easy to make, since the pleats she makes are fake! Although you’d never know it to look at what she does. Love this one! Rather than use solid colors in the same shades, like she does in her tutorial, this looks great by using different […]

Watch How She Easily Repurposes A T-Shirt By Making This Cool Item!

How many of you hang on to old t-shirts? I am guilty as charged! Today I am going to show you how I transformed some t-shirts into an adorable and trendy t-shirt pillow! I’m always surprised to see how people repurpose t-shirts and I was more surprised by this DIY […]

45 Easy DIY Ideas For Fall Decorating

Love decorating for fall? So do we, but we don’t always find the time to make all those intricate, time-consuming little crafts we love. Why not add some easy fall crafts to the mix, so you can have your DIY fall decor done in time to enjoy for the season? […]

She Sews 3 Layers Of Squares Together And Sews 6 Rows Of 3 For An Amazing Decor Item!

I really love anything that is made this way. We usually see soft fluffy quilts made like this, but today I’m sharing a different item made with this technique and you’ll have to make some of these! They are super easy. Quilts that are made like this are my favorites, […]

41 Super Creative DIY Room Decor Ideas for Boys

Need some cool decor ideas for boys room? How about making some of the most creative DIY decor ever for your son, grandson or favorite boy’s bedroom? We just love these fun ideas for lighting, wall art, bedding and more and we think he will, too! From fun to functional, […]