Not Only Does She Decorate Her Tree, She Decorates A Special Item For Her Dog. Watch!

Everything’s getting decorated for Christmas, but did you think to get your beloved pets dressed up for this occasion? This is a lot of fun, especially with all of the family being at your home for Christmas! Dogs need to be included in the Christmas festivities, so why not make […]

30 Brilliantly Creative DIY Aquariums

Looking for a new decor piece that people can’t stop talking about? How about one you can’t quit looking at with wonder? If so, then we know what your next DIY project is going to be… You need one of these genius DIY fish tanks, or perhaps you need several, one in […]

She Takes An Old Belt And What She Does With It Is So Brilliant!

This clever idea never occurred to me to do and it’s a great way to repurpose an old belt that you no longer wear. I had a few that didn’t fit me any more and they were still nice looking, so I was good to go for this DIY project. […]

Now You Can Include Your Furry Friend In The Halloween Fun With This Easy Costume!

The air’s getting crisp, pumpkins are popping up on porches, and you’re stocking up on fun-size candy — must be time to start brainstorming costumes! This year, get your dog in on the fun. Believe it or not Halloween is just about 3 weeks away. Your costume may be all […]

He Lines Up Boards, Nails Them To Horizontal Boards And Makes An Item Many Of Us Need!

I can’t really think of one person who hasn’t needed one of these at least one time in their life and they can be rather expensive if you buy one at the store. Lets face it, a child or a pet changes everything in your life. And I do mean […]

He Had Leftover Carpet And What He Does Is Not Only Clever But Made Someone Happy!

I was really surprised at how easy this guy makes this DIY project look, and, if you were to buy one of these it would cost you quite a bit! If you have leftover carpet or are having carpet taken up, you might want to think about this project for […]

She Takes 5 Sheets Of Wood, Measures Them And Makes A Brilliant Much Needed Item!

Lets face it, some things in our home are meant to be out of sight and this DIY project makes this possible. You’d never know by looking at it what it is…that’s the thing I love most about this tutorial! Cats are the best, but living with a litter box […]

She Uses Some of Her Scrap Fabrics By Making An Item That Pet Owners Need. Watch!

This DIY project is really quick, and you have the opportunity to customize it with different fabrics. I’m excited to show you this super simple project that you can make for your dogs – a DIY dog bandana! Bandanas look so cute on dogs, but it’s often hard to find […]

She Turns An Old Sweater Inside Out, Sews An Oval, And What She Makes Will Surprise You!

I don’t know about you, but I believe that most of us have those old oversized sweaters that we continue to hang on to and haven’t been willing to part with for some reason or another. I know I’m guilty of this! Well, what this gal does with an old […]