He Cuts Pallet Wood And Nails It Together For An Awesome Christmas Decoration!

I think we all need at least one of these to display during the holidays, or all year around works too! Decorate your home or make these pallet wood stars as hand-crafted gifts that will be cherished for many years! Since I live in Texas and the Texas star is […]

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Outdoor Decor This Guy Makes Out Of Wooden Crates!

I absolutely fell in love with this precious DIY project and you will too! If you’re wanting something cool to display in your front yard, then this is the perfect project for you! This was my first DIY of the season…this adorable DIY Christmas Crate Train. The actual process to […]

We All Need Something Fabulous On Our Front Door At Christmas And This Is Over The Top!

This seriously looks like you paid 100’s of dollars for it and it is so easy to make…doesn’t look like it is, but that’s a should be your main goal, right? Now that you’ve decked your halls, it’s time to deck out your door and this is the perfect DIY […]

The Awesome Thing She Does With Giant Bouncy Balls Blew My Mind…It’s Quite Clever!

Seeing these was a first for me and I think this is a brilliant idea! I couldn’t wait to add these to my outdoor Christmas decorations. Your neighbors will be wondering where you got these cool decorations! I got so excited about putting away my Halloween decorations so I can start […]

Watch How She Transforms A Simple Tomato Cage Into A Brilliant Holiday Decoration!

This is such a fun DIY project that will add color, sparkle and attraction to your front yard and it’s an incredibly easy way to decorate! Over the weekend we tackled a fun and easy little Christmas decor operation — making lit up Christmas tree decorations from tomato cages and […]

She Makes These Amazing Flowers And What She Makes Them Out Of Will Blow You Away!

I about fell over when I found out what she made these incredible flowers out of. These look fabulous in your garden, on a wreath, in a big vase or just about anywhere you want to put them! Recycle all your soda cans into art for the balcony, terrace or […]

32 More Camping Hacks You Definitely Want To Try On Your Next Trip

Tired of spending money on camping gear because it is just so darn expensive? Ever taken a trip outdoors in your tent and realized you spent way more money than you would have on a hotel ofor a few nights? We have, too, and but we just love camping, so […]

I Would Have Never Dreamed You Could Make This Amazing Item With Shelf Liners!

What will they think of next? That was exactly what I said to myself when I saw this DIY project this woman made. Never in a million years would it have occurred to me that you could make something so cool out of shelf liners! This is new to me. […]

Watch How She Makes A Super Cool Birthday Decoration That Can Be Seen For Miles!

I had been seeing these in people’s front yards and found out that there are people who actually do this for a business and it can be a little pricey! The good news is you can DIY this cool decoration and save yourself a lot of money. This is a […]

Watch The Whimsical Thing She Does With These Pumpkins For Some Fun Outdoor Decor!

Everyone will love your tipsy pumpkin planter and it’s easy when you know how. This is perfect for your Halloween celebrations. When I made one of these, I painted the pumpkins before I put them through the spike in the ground. I just wanted a richer look than the regular […]