If You Haven’t Ever Made One Of For These For The Holidays, Now’s The Time To Learn How!

These are so much fun to make and a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family! My grandchildren and I make one of these every year and we always have so much fun together. They are already asking when we can make one. Gingerbread houses are a […]

Watch How She Shapes This Air Dry Clay For A Magnificent Christmas Rendition!

This is a fabulous DIY project to do with your kiddos and it doesn’t require a kiln…simply air dry this and after it’s dry you can paint it. I love nativity scenes and believe it’s important to have at least one in your home at Christmas time. I have mine […]

We Find We’re Required To Make One Of These At Some Point And This One’s The Best!

I haven’t met a mother yet who hasn’t had to make one of these for their children. My daughter has made at least 3 of them, but I think this is one of the best ones I’ve seen by far! I know what usually happens…you run out of time and […]

Halloween Is The Perfect Night For Cool Lighting…We Have 4 Great Ideas To Choose From!

It’s not Halloween without some wicked lighting to set the tone. Well, these aren’t so wicked, but they sure do set the tone for some great Halloween decor and ambient lighting is the only way to go to set the tone, right? They are beyond easy – I may even […]

I’ll Bet Many Of You Never Knew That You Could Make One Of These But She Shows Us How!

I wish I’d known that these were so easy to make before now. I was searching for something else on Pinterest and ran across this by accident. These are so much fun to have at parties! It is a fun and inexpensive project and it really increases the excitement to […]

50s Costumes Are Always A Big Hit And There Are So Many Great Options To Be A 50s Gal!

Halloween is almost here…do you have your costume ready yet? Well, if not, this is always a big hit for Halloween and most of us have the things we need already at home. If you don’t have a jacket like she does, in her tutorial, go to your local thrift […]

She Glues Shells On A CD And What She Does Next Makes For The Cutest Beach Decor!

It’s amazing how many DIY projects you can do with sea shells. I was browsing on Pinterest and saw so many cool things that people have made with them, so make sure to pick some up when you go to the beach! This gal makes the cutest little owls to […]

He Carves An Award Winning Pumpkin And Shows Us How He Did it. Watch!

This is the coolest pumpkin I’ve ever seen! I love the way he carves the life-like teeth…so cool! I just had to learn how he did this and thought you would too! It’s time to do something different and more interesting. I might have a few talents but carving pumpkins […]

She Makes A Super Cool Costume Accessory Out Of Galvanized Wire And Knee Highs. Watch!

Here is a neat little project to do as a Halloween costume. I couldn’t believe that you could make these with knee highs or tights…it never would have occurred to me! You don’t have to spend much money for a costume and these fairy wings are quite original. I ventured out […]

She Makes An Item With Very Little Material But Something We All Have Big Love For!

This project is really cute and can be a great gift for someone special. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to receive one of these. I made myself a couple before I even started making any for friends. Elephants are such fine animals…they are my favorite. I have […]