5 Candy Cane Projects for a Deliciously Festive Christmas

The holidays are a time to celebrate many things, but one of them is definitely food. Whether we’re talking about complex recipes or simple crafts, there is no time like the present to break out the treats. We’re still a ways off from Christmas, so be sure to get started […]

32 More Camping Hacks You Definitely Want To Try On Your Next Trip

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You Must Try This Decadent And Mouthwatering Dessert In A Mason Jar!

My mouth waters just talking about this decadent little dessert and this past weekend we celebrated our daughter’s birthday. She requested her favorite cake…Black Forest Cake.  I thought it might be fun to make Black Forest Cake in a Mason jar for her party. It’s so easy to make, and […]

33 Fun DIY Picnic Ideas

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She Puts Cute Fabric And A Ribbon On A Mason Jar But Watch What She Puts Inside It!

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She Puts Icing On A Cookie And What She Does Next Is Surprising!

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31 Best Free Printables and Templates for Mason Jars

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Once You Have One Of These In Your Kitchen You’ll Wonder What You Ever Did Without One!

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She Makes Smoothies But What She Puts In Them Is Healthy And Helps With Weight Loss (Watch!)

She makes 3 easy and delicious smoothies. These particular smoothies have more omega 3’s than salmon, more potassium than bananas, more calcium than milk, and are loaded with antioxidants. They’re a complete protein and, unlike flaxseeds, they are very shelf stable and not prone to rancidity. Chia seed drinks are […]