Watch The Incredible Way She Transforms An Ordinary Sweater Making It Stylish!

I’m in love with what she does to change up this basic sweater.  She gives it some pizazz and  a style that is the rage right now and she definitely knows what she’s doing. She has has a sweater refashion with a twist. It makes a perfect transitional piece. As […]

She Makes A Super Easy And Fabulous Christmas Gift For The Females In Her Family. Watch!

This is such a lovely gift to give to the ladies in your family…or your girlfriends! I would love to receive this as a gift and it’s a gift they will have forever. If you’ve decided on your gifts for family and/or friends you can fluff your fall wardrobe in […]

Watch How She Changes Up Ordinary Clothing Into Something Eye Catching!

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35 Awesome Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

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What She Makes, After Placing Beads In A Heart Design On Safety Pins, Is Magnificent!

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Watch How Easy She Makes This Incredibly Beautiful Item For Christmas Gifts!

I was so surprised when I saw how easy it looked to make this…it looks so intricate! This lady shows us how to make it in this tutorial and just in time to make those Christmas gifts! I would be beyond thrilled to receive one of these magic carpet bracelets […]

She Takes Her Mexican Dress And What She Turns It Into Will Surprise You. Watch!

Most of us own a Mexican top and I don’t know about you, but I never wore mine any more, so after seeing what the gal in the attached tutorial did with hers, I just had to do the same! Depending on how many of these dresses you have, this […]

You Won’t Believe The Incredibly Fun Item She Makes With Candy Wrappers!

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She Does Something Chic, Stylish And Super Easy To Her Jeans. Watch!

I love that all of the cool fashions that were popular in the 70’s have rolled back around, like embroidered jeans and tops, jeans with wide trims sewn on the hems, circle skirts, and many other things that were my favorites in that era! Fringe and trims are very popular […]

She Makes This Incredibly Easy Dress That’s So Versatile And Comfy!

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