She Shows You How To Make A Warm And Cozy Flannel Quilt For Cold Winter Nights. Watch!

I couldn’t wait to make one of these for the winter and I got busy right away! I love flannel and how nice and soft it is, plus it’s very durable and can be washed over and over again. I’ve featured a more colorful flannel quilt because I prefer colors […]

35 Awesome Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Need to have a gift right about now? Whether you are out of time to shop, money or both, we have the perfect solution for you. Try making one of these 35 super creative handmade presents for that special someone. From home decor to cute little accessories to the more […]

33 DIY Hacks for Renters

Dreaming of decorating your home, but you may have years to wait because you are renting? I used to think this, too, that my home could not have amazing decor because I was renting my apartment. Lately, thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite DIY bloggers, I’ve found this […]

30 Brilliantly Creative DIY Aquariums

Looking for a new decor piece that people can’t stop talking about? How about one you can’t quit looking at with wonder? If so, then we know what your next DIY project is going to be… You need one of these genius DIY fish tanks, or perhaps you need several, one in […]

What Could Be More Fun Than A Canopy With Fairy Lights? Learn How!

If you are searching for a means to make your bedroom extra special, consider including a canopy to your current bed. If you’ve been hunting for methods to make my bedroom feel larger. A canopy bed is a fantastic and cheap way to bring style to your bedroom. This project […]

50 Cheap DIY Gifts That Only Look Expensive

We love making DIY gifts for Christmas, but learned that even making things can add up to a major expense. I thought by making handmade gifts last year that I would be saving a ton of money, and was I ever surprised to learn, when I totaled up my receipts, […]

She Uses Her Scrap Fabrics To Make A Rich Looking Quilt That Is Easy And Fun!

What a great way to use up your scrap fabrics in these awesome quilt blocks! I was so surprised at how simple it was to sew. If you love quilting or are a beginner at quilting this is a great project. I’ve made several of these quilts, in several sizes, […]

She Makes An Item That Provides A Lot Of Warmth For The Winter Months. Watch!

Some of us live in the colder regions of the country and this DIY project couldn’t be a better solution for the cold weather. This is a great way to use up some scrap fabric and some Poly-Fill (or any other fluffy filling). You could easily make a large and […]

She Makes The Coolest Quilt Block That Looks Like An Attic Window!

This is a really cool quilt that brings cause for a lot of conversations. It’s so interesting and can be made so many different ways. I saw one of Pinterest that had Matryoshka Dolls (or Russian nesting dolls) within each frame…I fell in love with it! Many quilters used oriental themed fabric […]

No Reason For A Drab Bedroom…Make Affordable Look Luxe With These Brilliant Hacks!

What she does to her bedroom is magnificent and she didn’t have to go out and buy new furniture or accessories. She takes what she has and works some simple magic to a few of her things that you’ll definitely want to see. These ideas are brilliant! Love IKEA hacks? […]