35 Awesome Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Need to have a gift right about now? Whether you are out of time to shop, money or both, we have the perfect solution for you. Try making one of these 35 super creative handmade presents for that special someone. From home decor to cute little accessories to the more […]

33 DIY Hacks for Renters

Dreaming of decorating your home, but you may have years to wait because you are renting? I used to think this, too, that my home could not have amazing decor because I was renting my apartment. Lately, thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite DIY bloggers, I’ve found this […]

What He Does With A Coat Hanger Is Brilliant And Very Creative. Watch!

This is a rather unique idea that probably hadn’t ever occurred to most of us to do. It’s actually very useful and certainly convenient and provides ample space for a much needed item! For a small bathroom, it is important to have neat and organized toilet paper storage solution. Even […]

You’ll Never Guess What She Makes With Two Strips Of Fabric And Some Ribbon…Brilliant!

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50 Rustic Farmhouse Ideas to Make and Sell

Love rustic farmhouse decor? We do, too. DIY farmhouse decor is the best, though. Have you seen some of the knockoffs of the things you see on Pinterest at your local craft store or Target? So sad, the way they print things that looks much better when hand painted and […]

She Cuts Old Towels Into Strips And What She Does With Them is Brilliant. Watch!

  Do you have some old bath towels that have seen their better day? We all have them and since I’m living frugally and trying to reuse and recycle everything I can, I’m always looking for new ideas. We’re at that time in our live where all the good quality […]

She Measures And Cuts Fabric, Attaches Ribbon And Saves Money On An Item We All Need!

I fell in love with the look of these and I was definitely in the market for them since we just moved into a new home and I needed to get busy…fast! We needed window treatments in the worse kind of way! Custom window treatments can be very expensive, if […]

50 Super Cool Stone and Pebble Crafts

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She Draws Out Her Plans For Her Small Bathroom. She Cleverly Does This On A Budget!

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She Adds A Cool Piece Of Hardware To A Rustic Decor Piece She Made And You’ll Love It!

Can opposites really work into one design theme? Apparently, the modern rustic ideas and designs are one of the top favorites of today’s homes. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The result? A fashionably chic design with all the modern […]