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Anyone Can Make This 3 Step Mason Jar Ice Cream

“I hate ice cream,” said no one ever. It’s no secret that everyone loves ice cream, but some store-bought pints or ice cream shop scoops can get pretty expensive. Why not turn this cold treat into a cheap project with your family or friends?

With a mason jar, mix some heavy cream, sugar and vanilla. Screw on the lid and shake hard for 5 minutes. It should double in size and thicken up at this point. Place the jar in the freezer for a few hours, and that’s it, you have a delicious vanilla ice cream everyone is gonna love!

This recipe is a simple base for a ton of flavors. For chocolate, add some cocoa powder. For mint, add some green food coloring and mint extract instead of vanilla. For strawberry, add strawberry syrup and/or chopped or blended strawberries. For cookies and cream, crush up some Oreos and add those in.

The possibilities are endless! As the heat turns up, you’ll get a way to cool off and a fun project all in one. You can thank us later.



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