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She Makes This Incredible Wreath For $8 With Dollar Store Ornaments. Watch!

Christmas time inspires me to take my holiday decor to a whole new level. But decorating your home with all of these fantastic ideas can really add up fast. When I came across this fabulous DIY wreath idea I knew I had found a great, budget-friendly wreath project for Christmas.

I made my wreath with different colored glass ball ornaments and it is so wonderful! This was so easy to make and I added a big beautiful bow after I got all of the balls glued onto the foam wreath.

She attached the larger balls on her foam wreath with floral pins and wire, but I did mine all one size, so I just used hot glue. It’s a matter of preference.

This DIY is a wonderful way to put old Christmas ornaments to use. If you don’t have any extra ornaments laying around, just head to the dollar store for some affordable boxes of Christmas ornaments. You’ll be able to make this great project for about $8 and have it done in an afternoon!

Watch how The Pixie Dust Housewife makes this cool wreath in her step by step tutorial.

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