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Watch How She Easily Creates This Incredible Piece Of Art With Items She Already Has!

I had lots of fun creating this cool piece of art! The sky’s the limit when doing this DIY project and these make fabulous gifts to give to your loved ones during the holiday season.

This mixed media canvas board was so easy. One of the things I love when I am working on a canvas is that I can can go as dimensional as I like!

One of the most important steps in creating a canvas like this is to layer the embellishments and create a 3D look. When I made mine I started with a layer of chipboard empty squares and added a butterfly on top. The butterfly is the focal point of the canvas so I made sure to create a raised surface from little chipboard squares so the butterfly would be raised above all the other embellishments.

The next thing I did was add embellishments around the canvas. When I create a canvas like this I use all kinds of embellishments, some of them with more volume than others. You don’t want to add only flat embellishments you want to add things like flowers or add the embellishments in different heights.

After you like the arrangement of the canvas it’s time to cover everything with gesso. You can also use black gesso to get a different effect. Sometimes it’s hard to get into all the nooks and crannies with the brush. If you wet the brush the gesso will be a little thinner and will flow more easily into those hard to reach places.

Watch the step by step tutorial to see what Gabrielle Pollaco does next to finish off the lovely mixed media art piece.




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