She Makes An Impressive Item For Her Christmas Tree And It Made A Huge Difference!

I’m not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me to make one of these, but now that I found this fabulous tutorial, I have one and I can’t begin to tell you the difference it makes in the whole room! I made this awesome quilted tree skirt for my home […]

DIY Mason Jars Crafts Makes For Some Great Inexpensive Gifts Your Friends Will Love!

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If You Are Wondering How The Professionals Put Ribbon On A Tree Watch How She Does This!

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She Makes A Super Easy And Fabulous Christmas Gift For The Females In Her Family. Watch!

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She Makes 3 Easy And Fabulous Items Creating An Absolutely Elegant Christmas Theme!

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38 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas You’ll Want to Try Today

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Easy Peasy Silhouette Mason Jars Add A Perfect Glow And Warmth To Holiday Gatherings!

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35 Awesome Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

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She Sews Red And Beige Fabric But It’s What She Adds Next That Will Make You Want One!

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