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What She Does With A Pineapple For Halloween Decor Is Genius. Watch!

Among the cool things she does for her Halloween decor, she does one of the most clever things I’ve ever seen used! I’m amazed at some of the genius ideas available to us.

With all the great ideas out there, there’s no excuse not to decorate for Halloween. It’s a really fun time to jump into it and show your neighbors up!

This year I am incredibly intrigued by all the awesome carving I see going around on things other than pumpkins. I mean, if you think about it – why should pumpkins have all the fun? You can carve a pineapple instead… or pepper or and apple, and one of my favorites – an orange. You can carve any fruit imaginable, just hallow it out and get slicing.

I saw that one woman painted a pumpkin yellow and made it look like a pineapple by adding the green artificial grass to the top.  It still gives the pineapple pumpkin a natural look. So many ideas and not enough time to do all of these clever DIY projects!

This tutorial includes so many great Halloween decorating ideas…so many cute and unusual items to make that take very little time and money.

I’ve made several of the items she made in the tutorial and my home looks so festive…I’m ready for Halloween now!

Watch this tutorial and all the great things she makes. She shows you step by step how to do each one.




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