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Woman Cuts 22 Circles Out Of Denim And Makes An Item You’ll Definitely Want!

These are so much fun and you have no excuse not to make them, since most of us have some denim jeans we aren’t wearing or at least someone in the family does!

I absolutely love the way these look on hats, ornamental pillows, lampshades, clothing, gift wrapped presents…and the list goes on an on. And, they couldn’t be any easier to make!

My daughter bought the cutest lamp from Anthropologie and the lampshade is full of fabric flowers in different colors. Instead of paying Anthropologie prices I decided to make my own. I used denim flowers and beige flowers on my lamp and it looks fabulous in my little sitting area where I have my desk. I have a little beige sofa in there with denim pillows, and a mustard colored throw and this was the perfect touch!

One can become obsessed with denim. I know this for a fact because I’m over the moon for denim. Not only in the variety of jeans, but jean jackets, shirts and accessories.

Repurposing jeans can come off looking somewhat iffy, not polished if care is not taken in the finishing. Whatever you are restyling, redoing or repurposing doesn’t need to be tailored to an inch of it’s life and can even be shabby chic in nature.

Watch how easily she makes these denim flowers in her step by step tutorial attached below.

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