Rather than get rid of old dresser she didn’t use any more, she came up with a brilliant idea for giving an old piece of furniture a new purpose and life!

I think of all the times I’ve gotten rid of things and all of the great DIY projects I’ve seen since then, that I could have used them for…I could kick myself!

The good news is that I hadn’t gotten rid of the dresser that has served it’s purpose in my kids room. I got really excited about this project for giving at least part of the old dresser a new purpose! This is such a cool project and definitely something I can still use in my home.

My neighbor loved the idea so much that we decided to do this together and I let her use one of the drawers from the dresser. It’s always more fun to do a project with a friend.

I found some great looking fabric to use to convert a drawer from the dresser into a cool looking ottoman for my den. Sometimes just a special pop of color is all you need to make a difference in a room. I just love it!

Watch how the Hallmark Channel does this in their step by step tutorial so you can do this clever project too!




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