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EASY Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen {Quick Tips, Space Saving Tricks, Clever Hacks & Organizing Ideas} – Dreaming in DIY

Looking for EASY and CHEAP ideas to quickly organize your kitchen?  We’ve gathered up the BEST ideas, hacks, organizing methods and tips for you!  Everything from space-saving clever contraptions for cluttered and mismatched pots and pans, getting your rolls of foil and wraps literally under wraps, organizational methods for that dog knot of a junk drawer you got going on there, out of control tupperware and lids, storing small kitchen appliances and utensils with ease – to the cutest DIY projects and do it yourself tutorials to organize the current chaos that is the heart of your home – the kitchen.  You won’t hardly recognize your functionally organized kitchen when you’re done with these!  But, for once, you’ll be able to find everything.  That’ll be easy to adjust to.  The hearing of harps might take a little longer to get used to.  

Easy and Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen - Hacks, Ideas, Space Saving tips and tricks for Organization in the Kitchen Quickly - Dreaming in DIY

EASY Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen {Quick Tips, Space Saving Tricks, Clever Hacks &  Organizing Ideas}

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Ready to organize EVERY single aspect of your kitchen and pantry?  You’re going to love all of the inexpensive and CLEVER ideas these creative – organizing minds have come up with!  Let’s do this:  

EASY Budget Friendly Ways To Organize Your Kitchen - The very best CHEAP, quick tips, space saving tricks, clever hacks and organizing ideas | Dreaming in DIY

Add more storage and easy access to small items like your pot scrubbers and brushes underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks! Pick up some inexpensive wire storage baskets like THESE (they are available in a variety of sizes to fit your space!) and some cheap tension rods (measure your space to make sure you get some that are long enough!)  THESE tension rods come in two adjustable lengths.    If you have some slim cupboards (under 17″) then THESE cupboard bars are just the ticket!  Notice how the BACK tension rod is positioned so that it’s in the CENTER of the BOTTOM of the basket, not the back lip of it.  If you really do want to use the back lip instead of centering it, you might want to tie your basket to the rod with some twist ties or these velcro wrap type fasteners.   It’s much more sturdy that way.  If the insides of your cabinets are really slick, you might want to also grab some of THESE super CHEAP pole stoppers/sockets.  So that you don’t have to use tools or drill any holes, affix them with some of THESE handy command strips for an easy, quick, damage free option!  


Easy Tips to Organize the Kitchen - Organized and Pretty Baking Cabinet Ideas and DIY Tutorial via Two Twenty One

Have the prettiest and most organized baking cabinet in all the land adding adhesive hooks and key rail hooks as baking tool organizers.  Clever tips and tricks from Two Twenty One!

I am crushing so hard on this measuring spoons and cups organization method:

Easy Tips to Organize the Kitchen - DIY Chalkboard Measuring Cups and Spoons and Reference Cabinet tutorial via Modish and Main

Create a reference tool for measuring AND neatly store and organize your measuring spoons and cups!  DIY Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet Tutorial via Modish & Main

Easy Tips to Organize the Kitchen - Label the perfect sized storage bins and airtight containers to easily organize your pantry and make it look prettyGrab inexpensive matching storage bins, jars and air tight containers that fit your space and add matching labels to them to create a pretty and organized pantry!  A quick peek makes it easy to know what to add to your grocery list!  Fantastic ideas via Classy Clutter 

Easy and Cheap Cord Bundler Organization Hack for Small Appliances To Keep Cords Neatly on the appliance itself

Pick up some of these awesome Command Cord Bundlers – No more wrapping the cord around your mixer or other small kitchen appliances, thanks to this simple  command hook hack –  see the full instructions and tutorial HERE

Easy Tips to Organize the Kitchen - Create a Pantry Drawer with Multi Purpose Labeled Bins via i heart organizing

If you don’t have an actual “pantry” you can create one in a drawer by labeling multi-purpose bins!  Awesome ideas and tips from I Heart Organizing  

Tips to Organize Every Room in the House - Use old CD racks to keep Tupperware Lids organized in drawers and cupboards - CLEVERAwesome idea via BHG – Use old CD racks and DVD towers to keep those annoying tupperware lids organized and in place in drawers and cupboards!  Cuz – I mean – are you really using them for CDs anymore? 

Pantry Between the Studs - Are you short on kitchen storage? This DIY Pantry Between the Studs adds TONS of useful storage and it's not hard to make. Tutorial via Live from Julie's House - EASY Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen {Quick Tips, Space Saving Tricks, Clever Hacks & Organizing Ideas}

“Are you short on kitchen storage? This DIY Pantry Between the Studs adds TONS of useful storage and it’s not hard to make.”  Check out her wonderful STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL by CLICKING HERE:  Live from Julie’s House






Tips to Organize Every Room in the House - Use cheap towel rack bars to store pot and pan lids inside of cupboard doors - so clever

Awesome space saving idea via Martha Stewart Living – Find some simple low profile metal towel bars to mount inside cupboard doors to store lids for pots and pans.  That way your pots and pans can rest together inside the cupboard – taking up less room!

Love this EASY and inexpensive idea via Jen to keep your small appliances organized:

Easy Inexpensive ways to Organize the Kitchen - Use cheap plastic baskets to hold small appliances with their cords and attachments

Keep your handheld gadgets and small appliances in their own cheap little plastic storage basket – along with their cords and mini attachments! 

On to another annoying source of cords and clutter.  Is your entire kitchen counter being overthrown by gadgets and their chargers too?  Love this idea from kitchn:

Tips to Organize Every Room in the House - Create a charging station inside a drawer with a power strip to free up counter space in your kitchen

Create a hidden charging station!  Attach a surge protector power strip in the back of a drawer so your techie family can charge all of their gadgets INSIDE a drawer!  Awesome way to free up counter space and declutter – not to mention protect those expensive smartphones, tablets and whatnots from splashes and batter splatter, right? 

Easy Tips to Organize the Kitchen - Pretty painted and labeled mason jars as a cooking utensil holding caddy via hometalk

If you like to keep your cooking utensils handy or just srsly don’t have squat for drawer space – at least make your countertop storage pretty!  This is a darling idea  to make a labeled and painted mason jar countertop utensil storage caddy –  via hometalk


Easy Tips to Organize the Kitchen - DIY Diagonal Drawer Divider Organizer Tutorial via Wee Warrens

Make your very own custom DIAGONAL drawer divider – great for those longer items!  Full DIY Tutorial via Wee Warrens 

We’re JUST getting to the GOOD STUFF now, guys!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST of the awesome KITCHEN ORGANIZATION ideas we found:



Easy and Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen - DIY Hacks, Ideas, Space Saving tips and tricks for Organization in a small or big Kitchen! Some would even be great for do it yourself organizing projects for the kitchen in a camper or RV!

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