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He Shows Us 38 Genius Ideas For Repurposing Plastic Bottles. My Favorite Is #37!

It amazes me all of the things you can do by recycling a plastic bottle. This guy is one of the world’s greatest improvisors! It’s funny what we can come up with when we are in a pinch and need a quick solution. That’s when I’m most creative!

I like to think I’m pretty conscientious when it comes to avoiding unnecessary waste in my home, but no matter how hard I try to avoid plastic, I always seem to end up with a few plastic bottles in my recycle bin.

The average American throws away almost 200 pounds of plastic per year, and while not all of that is plastic bottles, anything we can do to reduce our plastic waste is going to help put a dent in that number.

Recycling itself is not enough. That trip to the recycle center extends plastic’s life, but it’s still landfill bound eventually, where it won’t break down for centuries!

Rather than send your used plastic bottles through the waste stream, you can reuse plastic bottles in all sorts of creative, fun, and crafty ways!

Here are 38 great ideas to get you started, so watch how Thaitrick does these clever things in his step by step tutorial so you can start repurposing your plastic bottles.


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