She Puts Cute Fabric And A Ribbon On A Mason Jar But Watch What She Puts Inside It!

These are so great to give for DIY hostess gifts, teacher appreciation, housewarming and they make great party favors for bridal showers and birthdays. I think these are so clever and, trust me, people love receiving this great little gift! This easy step by step recipe is one of my […]

She Measures And Draws A Circle On Fabric And Makes An Easy Item Any Age Can Wear!

This simple tutorial got over 1M views and there seems to have been a come back in the 50’s styles. This particular fashion item has become popular in a big way! And, I can’t think of anything cooler to wear in the summer! Circle skirts are fun to wear no […]

She Adds A Cool Piece Of Hardware To A Rustic Decor Piece She Made And You’ll Love It!

Can opposites really work into one design theme? Apparently, the modern rustic ideas and designs are one of the top favorites of today’s homes. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The result? A fashionably chic design with all the modern […]

He Cuts Wood In Different Shapes, He Adds A Mason Jar And You Won’t Believe Why!

I love anything in a mason jar, but this little project is beyond cute.  It looks so unique on the kitchen counter and it’s an interesting feature to add, along with a pop of color! This is something fun that the whole family will enjoy…although you may be filling it up a […]

After Wrapping A Mason Jar Lid With Jute, What She Attaches Next Will Surprise You!

I was amazed at how easy this project is and what’s even better is that I could get everything I needed to make it at the dollar store! This is a great way to add some great looking decor to your backyard and if you have trees, perfect! After shopping […]

After Gluing A Thin Layer Of Napkin To A Jar, What She Attaches Next Is Breathtaking!

This is definitely one of the more popular mason jar projects around, and I can certainly see why. There’s a real ethereal quality that is a result of doing this and it has an amazing calming effect at night. When these are glowing at night, these have an incredible calming […]

He Paints These Legs And What He Attaches To Them You Will Flip Over (Watch!)

I went nuts over this fabulous DIY project! I just love things like this and simply had to share it with you today. I’m all about colorful decor so this was right up my alley. Oh, and I didn’t mention the fact that this is a super easy and inexpensive […]

She Cuts Squares And Then She Cuts Long Strips And Makes The Loveliest Item Ever!

I was so surprised at how simple this was to sew, making it a great DIY project for beginners. I love the colors she used for this. Purple is one of my favorite colors and pansies are one of my favorite flowers, therefore it was perfect! I made one of […]

You Won’t Believe What She Does With Four Large Embroidery Hoops And A Square Dowel!

When I saw the pictures of these on Pinterest my mouth fell open. Then a light bulb went on in my head. I figured I could re-create that no problem. She makes it look so easy. This is incredibly genius that I had to make some of these right away! They […]