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She Spray Paints Jars And Wood With Gold, But It’s What She Does Next That’s Super Cool (Watch!)

Mason jars, pickle jars and other jars come in handy for so many amazing DIY projects! The list just seems to go on and on. What she does in her tutorial will just be one more step forward for getting you organized!

Is your desk a mess? Because mine is. Well, more like was …right on up until I created some cute mason jar desk accessories. So easy and pretty. Now my desk is the envy of the rest of the house. Because the rest of my space is not organized, but it’s getting there with all the great tips for organizing!

You can turn a  few mason jars into a desk organizer for yourself and keep in mind that this is a great gift for a teacher!  Add this project to your must make list.

Be sure to pick the colors that will coordinate with your home decor if you are keeping it. Organization with mason jars is my favorite type of organizing. I glued several mason jars together in a pyramid type design and put them on my vanity for keeping makeup brushes in, eye and eyebrow pencils, nail polishes, and more!

Watch how ICON Network does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get organized too!

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