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He Paints A Jar, Glues A Floral Printout On It, But What He Does Next Is Brilliant (Watch!)

I just love a jar makeover project. You can use pasta and jam jars, but I used a mason jar when I made mine…nothing can take the place of my beloved mason jars!

I think we all love anything that’s pretty to put on our shelves to add color to our decor and this DIY project will certainly add a nice touch to your home! In this tutorial he gives these jars a modern ginger jar makeover and they are so beautiful, especially when he puts the crystal door knob on top of the painted lid!

I really love the way the floral print out looks after he glues it to the jar he spray painted black. Also, if you have floral fabric scraps, you may want to cut those out and try them on your jar. Just another idea I thought of! It looks really rich and expensive!

These look fabulous on bookshelves to break up the monotony of just sitting books on them. You see this a lot in home decor magazines and online.

This is a very inexpensive way of decorating. It’s fun and easy to do too! He ordered the crystal door knobs on Amazon and I’ve priced them on there…they’re really cheap, but I bought some at TJ Maxx. They seem to always have them there. Either way is pretty inexpensive.

Watch how Mark Montano does this in his step by step tutorial and break out those jars!





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