21 Ways To Be A Better Adult In March

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1. Stash your dirty laundry in a hamper that will tell you what temperature is right OR one that will sass you into just getting ‘er done.


Get them from Amazon for $14.99 (temperature version here and sassy version here).

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2. Set a productivity program with a journal based on the Pomodoro technique* so you use your time in the most effective way possible.

*The Pomodoro technique breaks down your time into 25-minute increments, with short breaks in between, designed to keep you on track and focused.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $26.

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3. Prepare for springtime showers with a compact umbrella that will actually last.


It has an auto open/close button to keep your hands free and durable metal ribs that will outlast gusty winds.

Get it from Amazon for $10.35. Available in five colors.

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4. Dress for the elements with a water-repelling jacket that’s stylish and inexpensive.


It folds down and packs into a pouch, making it the perfect pal for your next vacation.

Get it from Uniqlo for $29.90 (on sale from $39.90). (The green color is on sale for $9.90!)

Get the women’s version from Uniqlo for $29.90 (also on sale from $39.90).

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5. Start your spring cleaning right with this handy guide to neatening, de-griming, and organizing every room in your house.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Check out all 42 ways here.

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6. Boost your budgeting skills by storing set amounts of cash in colorful $pendvelopes – when you run out of cash that month, that’s it!

It really is that simple. No excuses!

Get a set of envelopes from Amazon for $8.99.

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7. Enjoy a glass of wine in the evening without worrying about the rest of the bottle spoiling — just cork it with this bottle stopper that vacuums out the air and keeps your vino fresh.

Just press the cork a few times to suck out all the air!

Get it from Amazon for $10.39.

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8. Update your walls without losing your security deposit by tacking up removable wallpaper in your favorite pattern.


Get it from Urban Outfitters for $69 (for a floor-to-ceiling panel) (cactus print here and marble print here.

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9. Read it and (don’t) weep — check out one of these books that’ll help you do the grown-up thing right.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Check out the complete list here.

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11. Try a Nova duvet cover — it has a hidden closure at the top that makes putting the duvet insert in the cover wayyyyy easier.


Get it from Crate and Canopy for $89+. Available in 23 colors and patterns.

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12. Learn the best tricks for scoring cheap flight deals so you actually use those vacation days you’ve been saving up.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed Life

Learn all the best money-saving tips here.

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13. And stick a cute and personalized tag on your luggage so you never pick up the wrong bag at the baggage claim again.

Get it from Amazon for $16.86.

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14. Pretend it’s May, even when it’s 40 degrees out, by planting an all-in-one kit that basically does the gardening for you.


It has everything you need — you can even grow it inside the container it comes in!

Get the kit from Anthropologie for $12. Available in forget-me-not, lavender, and poppy seeds.

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16. Save your splurging for when it counts — find cheaper dupes for your favorite makeup products to put a little extra cash in your wallet.

Find your own dupes on Temptalia!

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20. Save up your ch-ch-change in a piggy bank that doubles as a pretty picture frame.


Put a picture of your last vacation in there to inspire you to save for your next one!

Get it from Asos for $22 or Amazon for $19.99.

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21. Upgrade your usual boxed Easy Mac and make this version with smoked gouda and bacon.

Get the full recipe here.

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